New members of the Italy forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Iam a third year student in Florence Academy of Art.
Iam an Indian citizen
Facing little confusion regarding travel back to Florence for my final year of study .
As I did not receive my permesso in time before I left italy.
I was searching the internet for more information and I found out this site
Hope this site would bring valid answers to my post

Hello:  Saw your post  this evening, would like to exchange info.  I live in Portsmouth, Virginia. Been here some years, Am retired from US Govt. My wife is retired too.  Expect to go to  Philly in a few weeks to try for a Retirement Visa in Italy.  I guess you have gone thru all formalities, IF you could share some of your experience in getting a long term visa for Italy, it will be immensely helpful. 
We are originally from India but been An American Citizen for more than half a century. worked for Uncle Sam, so my health insurance is Federal BC/BS, but hope to buy AXA coverage for Evacuation and return for any emergencies.  My name is CHARI, no first name at all, so you could call me Chari.  Please tell me more about yourself--- IF you please.  My email is:  ***  (I am hard of hearing and so the email serves better)   Thanks for a response. 
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Hi all!  My name is Lorrie.  I just moved to Florence this week.  My adventure in Florence got off to a rocky start, though, as upon arrival, I discovered that the apartment I rented didn't exist - yes, I was scammed.  The worst part is that I didn't even want to rent something until I got here, but the Italian consulate required I have a lease in order for me to obtain a student visa.  My advice - DO NOT USE ITALIAN CRAIGSLIST! Lesson learned!  Anyway, I've found a wonderful place now, albeit a bit farther out from the center than I'd hoped, but it's lovely and within my budget.  I will be starting at the Angel Academy of Art at the end of this month and really looking forward to it! 

I would love to learn where I can buy used household items, such as a blow dryer, a high power blender, etc.  Any ideas?  Thank you!!

are you serious
Has this really happened?

Oh yes!  But, I've reported it to the police and done all I can do.  So, now I'm just happy to have a real place to move to tomorrow!

Good luck

Hi, my name is Andrei Mezzinoi, I currently live in Vienna. I´m a fine art wedding photographer and i´m planning to spend much time in Tuscany  in the future. i´m trying to find people from wedding bussines who lives in Tuscany.  I thing Tuscany is one of the best place for my photo projects because I love the Italian culture and the lanscapes. Anyone interested, feel free to contact me.

hello everyone

i m Daniele i m 31 and live in Reggio Calabria, i m looking for new friends here. My english is not well, i would like improve my skill and get a language exchange

thank you

Hi everyone,
I’ve just joined, I live just east of Milan and looking forward to meeting you all.

hello all, buongiorno..i am jaya from india, now currently living in Rome , doing masters in fashion management in rome as student , looking for work opportunities in rome, in retail brand not  hesitate to contact me if any references.

thanks, grazie

Hi all. A little disappointed that the Weekly Apperitivi Meets disappeared years ago as my partner and I just moved to Milan. I've lived in Florence before and grew up in Naples, so already acclimatized to the Italian way and am fluent in Italian already.
Anyway, are others new(ish) to Milan interested in starting a new meets group?
Having a Friday Spritz alone kinda sucks.

Hello:  I am CHARI  from USA, we-- myself & my wife are elderly retirees planning to come to Italy under Elective Retirement visa.  We just want to live there and enjoy the country. First we would like to learn the language, for the least cost-- we are not decided which town?  Turin ot Alessandria, can you give some advice, and the names of schools to gain working knowledge of the language, not any thing beyond that.  Also how to find a furnished apartment close to where the school is located.  We were born in INDIA but have lived in USA for some years; as we grow old, we chose ITALY where one could hire someone to help us in the household, can you tell how to hire a helper, by the hour.  I saw some place that the help will cost about 8 euro, is that correct?   I am a retired goverment worker and my wife a retired English Professor.  You could ask any questions to get to know better.  Thanks for the help.
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Hi  everyone I'm  Mae Ann
I'm new member's , I signed here because of my curiosity and I think it can also help me for looking a job I like to earn money for my own I don't like to stay home all day . I appreciate if you help me, and I like to have friend's here because I don't have one yet I'm from asti so beautiful here in Italy ❤
Take care all of you guys! Thank you

                                                        Best regards,
                                                               Mae Ann

Hi Julien,

I live here in the Philippines. I'm browsing on the internet to look for oppurtunity to work in Rome, Italy and it brought me here..

I don't have any idea what expat is. Out of curiosity, I signed up and found out that it is a forum. I thought this can help me to get employed or study in Roma Italy.

Hi I'm  Mae Ann  from Philippines  who knows offering a job for a new people who lived  in here ( asti Italy)  like me because I want to apply
I'm flexible to work (you can check it to my profile for more info) and the important is a noble job  maybe someone can help me here that's why I signed in here, god bless and thank you!!
                                 Sincerely your' s
                                      Mae Ann

hello All,
im new comer here, i just move to Rome  with my husband.
im from Jakarta ,Indonesia.
thank  you.

Hello All!
My name is Lindsay, I'm from Canada (near Niagara Falls), and am moving to Florence on November 2nd to do a 5 week TEFL course, to teach English , and looking to settle into Venice Area (Mestre) thereafter. I'm hoping to meet some new people and see if there are any social groups that meet in Florence. Hoping to hear from some other  expats ! :)

Hello everybody, I'm a new member from Milan, have been travelling around the world, been in many countries and doing business there  :)

Hi Julien,

We are Loreta & Florin a couple living in Alberta, Canada and looking to retire  early somewhere warm , but not too warm and close to the sea,Any suggestions ?
Thank You in advance,

I’m Jennifer from Colorado. My husband and I moved to Roma in August 2018. I’m retired and my husband works remotely for a large company in the US. We moved here for the experience: the food, the lifestyle, the art, the history, the culture, and the beautify! We love our new home and the Italian lifestyle. We’re taking italiano language classes, preparing for the onslaught of friends and family next year, and exploring places outside of Roma.

Hello hope you doing well... Have been to Ghana 🇬🇭 in the west of Africa

Hi I am living in srilanka .I like to go Italy and working in Italy. I like to like in Italy. I have a girlfriend. I like driving jobs. I am 23 years old.i like in looking after old and young people too

Hi, how are you doing? I'm living in Florence :)

Hi Everyone and welcome on board.

@ Eugeniaward, could you please introduce yourself in a few words ? It will help you link up with members. You could perhaps tell us since when you moved and whether it was for work or whatever the reason might be.

All the very best,

Hi All,

I'm Ankur originally from India(Bangalore) and I just arrived in MILAN 1 month back to work here for an year.

I hope I can take advantage of my time here to learn some Italian, meet new people, make new friends and travel.

Hope to meet new people.


My name is Awais, and im currently living in italy trento and looking for job as driver or delivery driver, i have EU driving licence already. I want start new job in january but iam still searching for that.

And iam single if someone good and honest then i want to join for learn more culture and life here in trento. Im very easy going person

My name is Ms.Gayle Ventures
I am a Bermudian citizen,with British citizenship with an Italian/Bermudian partner,for last 10 years....
In Italy we are in San Roberto,a tiny village near Reggio Calabria in the South.
in Bermuda we are in Hamilton Parish ,2minutes from the Airport.

We are retired....from being buisness entrepreneurs......
I have saanan goats in Bermuda and I sell the milk and cheese,we grow vegetables too.

Partner Santo Porpiglia was a food and beverage manager,and now has rental income from his properties.
He is a great Italian chef,and likes gardening and do I.

In Italy at present.... returning to Bermuda on the 28 th December 2018 via New York...
I rent rooms by the month in Bermuda,enjoy both worlds very much.

Am very happy,but would love to find some friends to work on my Italian with.

Ps.....I think I posted this as a new topic by accident,hopefully this is the right place to post...


My family is preparing to make the move to Italy and obtain dual-citizenship via decent. We are hoping to make the move in the spring to Trieste. I'd love to hear any tips on helping children adjust to a new culture!

Hi there- I read your story & ours is similar, but not nearly as heartbreaking. We hoped/planned to move to Italy/Florence for 1-2 years to live this amazing lifestyle, put our son in International School, etc. & we were denied a visa by the Italian Consulate in San Francisco. We, too, have the funds but they told us the visa we wanted was a "once in a lifetime" visa. I supposed we could go after a student visa (as could you?) & that idea is not off the table, but for now we are going after a Swiss visa as my husbands aunts, uncles, cousins live there & his Mom lives in the US but hold dual citizenship.
It is soooo frustrating & I still hold the dream to live in Italy for a few years but not sure it can happen.
I see your post was a year ago, so I'm curious if you worked it out & are in Italy now.

Hi Greencats,
The amount of red tape here is unbelievable!
We live near Perugia (Assisi/ Cannara) and has been here for about 12 years.
I think you would find it almost impossible to do something like that without the necessary registrations.
I would recommend you consult an immigration lawyer to look into it for you and see if they can work something out with the authorities.
If you are going the freelance route you'll most probably either have to register a business or else apply for a "residenza eletivia" where you have enough funds to support yourself without having to work in Italy and this you have to prove every year.
If they find you working without the necessary registrations you'll most probably be deported......much easier if you were a refugee a few years ago!
Hope you find a solution, if you come to Perugia contact us and come and have a glass or more of wine.

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