New members of the Indonesia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Indonesia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Indonesia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hallo saya opiektidung

Hi all, I live in Jakarta with my Indonesian wife, I am looking for any kind of job.
Any help would be great, thanks

Hello, Mary here from Juba, South Sudan in Africa. I will be working for an NGO in Jakarta for a year. During that time, i would like to interact with great friends for life, have fun, learn new cultures and traditons. Some adventures too :D

Thank you for the warm welcome!

This will be a hello and goodbye. When I was in the sign up process, I was asked for my current location, which, at the time, was Indonesia.
As I was in the process of moving to Cambodia, I got stuck in transit.
Goodbye Indonesia, hello Cambodia. :)

Hi there  ;)
I'm an Indian medical professional(age 23 years:) )Will be moving to BEKASI, INDONESIA  for a leisure travel trip/vacation approx for 8 days particularly for SCUBA DIVING CERTIFICATION/TRAINING...
Seeking new friends :)
Thanks in advance & warm regards
Abdulghani Khan

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
I know of diving schools near Bekasi but never visited

Will be thankful if you message the details personally in my inbox :)

Hi all,

My name is Achie, nice to know you all..
Looking for a job with expat and new friend from another country.
If you need some help, just contact me.

My name Yudha, nice to be here.
Actually i'm a photographer, if you want me to capture your travel moment here,
feel free to contact me.

My name is Peter,

My wife and I are hoping to move to Bali (Sanur) by this time next year. We have already rented a villa with a pool and will be subletting it a little but then moving in next January or February.

We will both be 50 and hoping to stay on social visa's till we reach 55. Any advice would be great. We have a budget in mind which I hope is realistic ;-)

Good to have found this forum.

Hi i am Canberk from Turkiye already 8 years in Jakarta.i hope by help of friendlies here can create some social relations.
Thanks in advance :)

hy canberk..nice to know you

Thank you ! Cheers :)

Hello I'm Dave living in Ubud, Bali for 20 years. Currently building a Resort Style Retirement community in Ubud for expats. ***

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Hi, and welcome to the forums.
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Hi, nice to be here :)

I am (still) coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
My partner and I have a plan - to move to Bali.
We're in love with the culture, the way of life, and of course - the beautiful nature.

I am a German teacher working for 11 years, open for other working possibilities in Bali, too.

Hi Retired Bali,
perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing with us some of your experiences, since you have been living there for 20 years.

How did you decide to move to Bali? Did you have any problems with visas etc.?

I think everything would be interesting to hear. :)


My name is Jean and I'm from Ireland but have been living in London the last 6 years. I am hoping to move to Bali in April and am currently looking for jobs in marketing / wellbeing / yoga / branding / administration / social media.
I have 6 years experience working in marketing agencies and more recently a yoga and wellbeing studio as a marketing manager. I also qualified as a yoga teacher last year in Thailand so the opportunity to teach would also be great.
I wonder if anyone had any advice on where I should be looking for jobs and accommodation.
Look forward to hearing from you all! :)

Jean :)

Hi, welcome to the forum, and welcome to Indonesia.

First is harsh - Forget the yoga as you'll never get a work permit in a million years. Attending classes is no problem but you can't instruct without risking getting into serious trouble.

Hi Fred,

Ok, thanks for the tip. Do you have any idea about marketing jobs and if there are any good websites or recruitment agencies I could contact? I am currently in London and aiming to move in a month's time.

Any advice much appreciated!


So you're clear ..

Indonesia has an unemployment problem and Bali has strict immigration rules as so many people want to work there.

To work legally you need:
A work permit (only available to people who have skills unavailable from the local workforce).
A valid visa of whatever sort, that being a KITAS for foreigners employed in Indonesia.

jeanbrannigan :

Hi Fred,

Ok, thanks for the tip. Do you have any idea about marketing jobs

I'm unfamiliar with that Industry so can be of little help.
Sounds like a google job, starting by identifying companies in the appropriate field.
One tip, if any company asks you to pay visa or whatever fees, they're scammers so don't.

ok, thank you for that!


The name is Jude Alexander, malaysian...I'm moving to Jakarta, Indonesia in April 2018.
I'm working for a Japanese pharmaceutical company

looking forward to meet all you guys



i'm michele and currently living in jakarta
looking for a travelling friend (backpacker style) to thousand islands,
only available in sunday  :sosad:

fyi, i lived in bali for 6 years, maybe i can give you some advice  :D

Hi all,
I am ammah from jakarta, indonesia, i am looking for job to other country, can you provide information to me, how do I get it?.


First and foremost you do need a Passport for international travelling.. If you have any relative or friend abroad, you can visit him or her and can search for job there.. Otherwise there are such government ministries which announce positions for job abroad so you may ask from concerned authorities in Indonesia..

First day of indonesia.... going alone.... uhuhuhuh

Abdulghani Khan :

First day of indonesia.... going alone.... uhuhuhuh

Indonesia is a wonderful, friendly country - I'm sure you'll love everything but the traffic.

yes, indeed that's the ferocious truth here :(
just for travelling from Jakarta airport ( soekarno hatta ) to Bekasi it took approx. of 2&1/2 hours for me :(

Abdulghani Khan :

yes, indeed that's the ferocious truth here :(
just for travelling from Jakarta airport ( soekarno hatta ) to Bekasi it took approx. of 2&1/2 hours for me :(

A lot of people don't believe how bad the traffic is, so ignore the advice to live as close as possible to work, or at least be on a good public transport route.
They always find out when they get here. :D

However, your trip seems to have taken a long time as most is toll roads and only parts of them are atrocious, most being fine or just terrible.

However, I'm living in Hotel Harris & Convention Centre @ Bekasi and got few of the loyal friends who will be helping out me for exploring Indonesia...
I really want to thank the creators of such an awesome site helping out the whole world...

Abdulghani khan, welcome to indonesia, i hope you enjoy your holiday here.

Took me 8 hours just to get to Bandung from Bekasi, worst traffic I have ever been in

it was a very long trip, it should only 3 hours to get to bandung from bekasi.

Fwb3566 :

Took me 8 hours just to get to Bandung from Bekasi, worst traffic I have ever been in

man bekasi is always jamm now because of road constructions :) which part u live in ? i am also in Bekasi

with normal traffic and via toll its just 1.5 hr bandung toll entrance to kranji exit :)

I am near Pondok Gede, and I was using the toll, they closed the whole road for 2 hours, we sat outside of our cars talking to people.

i see we are not that far, i am close to pasar moderen area, i see sometimes bandung road is really mesy

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