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Hi there, do you know where it is the best place in New Delhi to go out and meet Expats?   I am in Delhi next two months and would like to meet with local Expats.  Thank you for recommendations!

Hi, I m Aks, presently working in UAE and would back to delhi in first week of october. After working for 8 years and i am back to my home country and excited about it.


I'm Mat from South Africa. I live in Himachal, in Shimla. I am a student and this is my last year. I want to visit Rajasthan, Chennai, Nicobar Islands and Mumbai. Anyone planning to visit any of these places around the summer time...

Hi i'm Erley i'm from Indonesia i just move to Mumbai a few months ago and staying in Powai and i'm looking a friends from every where 😀

Hi there my self Muhammad I m from South Africa I m Indian I moved in India 3 month ago I m also looking for friends

I m imran from India
If u need any help please contact me I m your friend  :par:

Thanks for the warm welcome. I am a Travel Blogger and love to explore new places and write about them to help people. Once I read somewhere that travelling opens a new window for you. You learn new things, meeting new people helps you to grow more.

I have been travelling since my childhood and still, I feel that I have not visited so the places completely. I want to roam the whole world and express my feelings in words with some interested people who will not be bored with me and love to read my experiences.

I am going to start my journey.

Welcome to Mumbai, feel free to know anything about the city. Cheers

This Nagwa from Egypt,I am planning on moving to India in February

That's great!  Well how can I help you.

Dear Imran

Kindly let me know the procedure of extending exit re-entry visa. I am located in Saudi Arabia but an Indian.

Thank you

Hello!  I'm Stephanie.  I came here to Vaḍodarā August 1st  I'm in the south half of the city.

How is it living in Vadodara/Baroda.. do enough people speak english or is it necessary to speak the local language?

Allaround :

How is it living in Vadodara/Baroda.. do enough people speak english or is it necessary to speak the local language?

It is really necessary to speak the local language.  It's primarily the kids who speak English, and since I am nearly completely deaf, even those are hard to understand.


I will try to guide you as much as I can.

I don't mean to discourage you but it could get tricky for you to find a right role, if you plan to travel and give interviews. It would not be a wise investment of time and money for you since the interviews can be conducted via video calling/Skype.

I recommend sticking to the websites and visit only when you find multiple leads. This will ensure a greater success rate.

Hope this helps.



Congrats on the job :)

Just saw the post, although I don't live in Vadodara (I am in Mumbai) would like to extend assistance should you need it.



Hope you are doing well.

Given my experience in Recruitment I can guide you. For finding relevant roles in India, you may use these websites:,,,

Also, another way would be to check out which companies have hired people in India from your home country. You can use LinkedIn for that.

These are the best tools for enhancing your chances.


I've always love india and like to establish in India. It's been my old years dream but got a delay as I've never had indian friends and associates before now. But now I have friends who now encourage me invest in India in my Chemical manufacturing firm.

I'm so amazed meeting all the Indians here and the British nor Americans, we all are one .

     Thank you.Friend Dr.Michael.Hozas.s

hi this side gautam from New Delhi india.. i work here as an accountant and studying too. i like to make new friends and ..and i like to help people who really need .. if any expat..need any kind of help here in delhi they can ask to me as good friend


I'm looking for a freelancer in software!!

Hi Im Mohammed Nishamudeen, thanks for the warm welcome!

m already living in this beautiful country and i want to explore some south asian and pacific countries. I am a frequent traveler to such country so i am open for discussions on this.

Most od people speak local language, but English is also used as third language but now in India English is like a common language

Hi, I’m visiting Delhi for the first time in 2 weeks from now, as part of a joint strategy between the UK and Indian governments. I don’t know anyone there and I haven’t yet been given any business contacts yet in Delhi (I have in other parts of the country).
Any suggestions, anyone? I’m a London guy, and used to a range of people, cultures and activities. So I’m a little nervous about not knowing anyone or knowing where to hang out. Thanks!

So ok i'm Stewart from Glasgow in Scotland. I've just  joined this forum even though i have been living in Goa since 2011. I'm a writer so i spend most of my time with either a keyboard in front of me or walking aimlessly along the beach looking for inspiration.
I travel a lot. Tend to go off for wee adventures by local buses deep into the heart of India or north to Nepal my other favourite place.
I prefer to read than to party however, occasionally you can find me on the dance floor, releasing all my writers frustrations!!

Hi  there
I'm Ahmet from Istanbul Turkey. Living since Feb 2015 in Mumbai.
I'm in food business and my problem in Mumbai was the food with too much MASALA
The Indian cuisine is very good, but too spicy for us expats.
So my dream was to open a restaurant with turkish cuisine.
I have reached my target this september and now there is a restaurant in Juhu, where all expats can enjoy real authentic turkish & european food.

Hi my name is Hilbert. I am currently doing an internship at Clap Global in Mumbai, a great start up.
I want to connect to people, find friends and share my experience

First of all, Thanks a lot for welcoming me. I m for Dubai, living on work visa there. I was working as Salesman at AL RIZQ AL HALAL TRADING LLC which is a leading  Industrial Machinery Tools Supplier in Dubai. I just returned to India few weeks ago. Last 5 years in Dubai was so hectic for me. Now I m relaxing at my native place.

Hello All,

I am from Bangalore and working as a Business process Manager in an education management company. I just joined the forum.
I am glad to provide any assistance or advice if required as a home town guy  :top:

Have a nice day!

- Titus

Hey Amal, I am in Hyderabad too. Wanna catchup?. I would love too.I have travel near morocco, morocco are really friendly. DM me if you are really interested

Hi All,

My name is B  and im currently in the Philippines but I have an Indian boyfriend who's now in his hometown. :)

Hopefully someone can give me their insights about dating an Indian guy.

Thanks guys!

Hi everyone,

I am Faith from the Philippines. I have been to India last year for a training. And I truly love the country. That’s why I am also currently seeking job there to finally move in.


Thanks for the warm welcome! Looks like I'll be learning a lot from this site. I am not yet an expat, but exploring my options. I've stumbled upon an old post from a girl from this site which had the same dilemma as mine. Hopefully, I'll find answers here, just dunno where to start asking, tho.

Hello thanks for the warm welcome

Hello everyone.
I keep travelling to different cities of India, USA, UK, UAE & South East Asia for work.
I have my business & would love to connect with other entrepreneurs.

Glad to be part of this community.

Hello Everyone!
This is Lavanya from Hyderabad, India.
I have my own business, ELITE AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS (Home Automation)
I like to contact other entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

Thank you,

(Hello, architects and Interior designers from Andhrapradesh and Telangana. I am waiting to work with you )

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Hi  I'm Anita from Holland but born and brought up in in india more than 30 years........ on the look out for new challenges have experience in the  Automobile Travel and hospitalty Industries.......

Hello i recently moved to indore india , any expact from here ?

Hello guys i recently moved to indore . Any foreigners here ?

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