New members of the Greece forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Greece forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Greece if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi guys and gals,

I have recently moved here and I am wondering if anyone knows of any English speaking jobs currently available?

I am really looking for any kind of work in any field.

If any of you fellow expats could help that would be great!!

Hello Stephen,you might take a look at my post below in answer to Priscilla.Obviously now that Greece is attracting so much tourism that maybe the field for you to investigate.My husband works at Athens airport and tells me that the baggage system has to be completely upgraded due to sheer volume of bags passing through,I should think they would need another runway soon as well.The cruise liners leaving from Greek ports will begin to look for staff now and ferries,particularly the cruise ships need English speakers.Teleperformance is always advertising on here.The Greek islands get very busy so you may find work on some of them.I would personally look for jobs in the high end tourist places so as to perhaps gain valid experience,knowledge and hopefully a long term career.

hi everyone!

officially, we moved to chania, Crete in April 2016.
i'm Moroccan with a multi background from the Mediterranean.
i'm an MBA holder in general management in hospitality and tourism, have been working in this sector for over 15 years from the hotel operation, coaching and training till lecturing in tourism colleges and consultancy job. have published academic researches in my field.
chania is our love from first eye contact, from the first visit we decided that this the place we want to settle and pass the rest of our life.
we have a small hotel apartment business  that is run by a local hotel's company.
we are still on and off as we still have some work to finalise in Kazakhstan.
when i will settle, would love to find some work as part time in teaching, consultancy job and training.
i've learned some key words of the Greek language  and i will be learning it fully when i will settle fully.
i would love to meet more people and to be part of the Greek community.

i moved to athens few months ago....working as financial analyst...hope to meet more expats.

Hello everyone, my name is Nikola and I come from Serbia. I am hoping to spend this summer in Greece and meet many nice people and perhaps make friends for life. Jamas!

Hello everyone!!
My name is fab, I am thinking of retiring and living in Greece. I lived in Greece in 1976 to 1997, I can read and speak enough Greek. I worked in Greece at Damagito 4 T.T 503
Δαμαγητου 4 τ503
Παγκατι αθηναι
my manager name is alekos iglesis (αλεκος ιγγλεσησ).  I would like to know about the people and reconnect with them, also I want to know about and the place  if still there.  I would appreciate very much for your help...

Hi guys!
I live in Greece now for many years, but soon I will move to Cyprus. Actually I am already living in two countries.
So if someone need help about Greece, I will be happy to help! (I know everything about Rhodes island and Thessaloniki city).
In Cyprus I just started my exploring trip, at the same time with opening my family business (car rental in Paphos).
I grew up in Moscow so I speak three languages.
I will be happy to make new friends!

My husband and I plan to retire (currently living in California, USA) and move to Thessaloniki area in June 2019.  We are trying to find information about reputable realtors, and whether or not Greece does home mortgage loans? 


Hi,to tell you that I believe you will be totally unable to have a loan of any kind from a Greek bank.Greek banks are trying to bring in unpaid personal and home loan repayments of which there are millions of people in arrears and will never be returned.My husband who is Greek wanted three thousand from his bank and they refused and other banks so what chance for non Greek?

Hello! My name is Anna and I am from Canada :)

I just arrived in Greece 10 days ago on the island of Leros, close to Turkey.

I am a massage therapist and yoga teacher by trade, and have ordered a table to arrive here so i can work during the summer season. 
I am quite unsure of how it works here, but will see if I am able to secure a clientele and make a living here.  I have British citizenship so for the moment, until/if brexit finalizes, I do believe I can work in Greece as an autonomous worker. Please inform me if someone knows more about this :)

I would love to meet expats in this area, even on nearby islands as well!
I am learning Greek, but it will take a bit of time.

Look forward to hearing from you


Hi Julien,

I am Maria and I am a Filipina(Philippines) currently in Dubai but planning to live in Greece. I wanted to know if there is any way someone can help about the process as I have Greek BF whom I've known for long and would like to move and work I don't know how the visa or working permit goes. I do not want to marry as I am still in the verge of career first although I wanted to be together, is there anyone who can assist, any ideas, suggestions?

Thank you it is my first time here in the site and I'm not quiet sure if I'm doing the right thing :)

All your suggestion and ideas are all welcome.

I am glad to joins you today, I came here in Greece one month ago and currently staying in Mytilene; I speak English, Arabic and Nuer language, it will be good if we can cooperate and support one another.

I am from South sudan,

Hey People,
My name is Marinos and I am a digital nomad. I originate from (and keep my base in) Athens. I am currently situated in Lesvos island (Mytilene) since May 2018 and will stay here up until September or so.

Hello everyone

I'm Terry and I moved to Crete from the UK in 2010. I love it here. We live in a small village in the Chania region, no taverna, no kafenion, only olive trees and sheep. Fabulous.

I'm retired now but I help out with photographic issues, internet and network issues and some TV problems ie bypassing geoblocking.


I was a Contracts Manager in the construction industry, so I know a fair bit about construction if anyone needs any help on that score.

Hope to hear from you.
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Hi there my name is Pamela Alys.
I would love to move to one of the Greek Islands. I would prefer one where there is an airfield. Is there an airport on Skiathos? Would you think it is a good idea to live on one of the Islsnds? Also I am retired and I need to find out if I would be able to draw my British State pension in Greece.
Regards Pamela

Hello Pamela,living on Greek islands..most of them are truly beautiful of course,however there are drawer backs to them,winter time can be difficult,many of them close down almost and the winter weather can be quite shocking although it probably wont be an extended season as its nice in Greece up until the end of October into November.The major problem throughout Greece particularly the islands is the lack of funding on health care,this is universal of course but Greece now spends the lowest amount of any European country on health care,the islands have been strangled even though they bring in the largest amount of GDP and without it this country would have died by now in this crisis.On Corfu two doctors left due to the stress of doing ten peoples work,Samos had recently only one paramedic ambulance which on one occasion had to choose between going to save a young male motor cyclist or going to an older man with a heart attack,they chose the young man but he couldnt be saved so they went on to the other man who had sadly died whilst waiting.there is a boat which goes around the islands in rota giving health care,doctors for various health conditions.Not the best set up.I guess there are private doctors on islands but do they stay all winter,probably not.Young or old emergencies happen and we all need fast access to care and experts.if the weather is bad in the winter helicopters cannot take a person off an island so unnecessary deaths will happen.Santorini new hospital is understaffed due to nurses and doctors being unable to find somewhere to live because of massive rents which all of their pittance salary would not cover.My personal advice would be to choose the main land to live,somewhere beautiful with a normal set up right through the year.Your pension you will access with your bank card at the hole in the wall but go into the Greek bank and ask about charges for this.Alpha bank is now closing some branches on islands but still keeping the holes in the walls which will probably be blasted out by thieves in due course.You will like living here as long as you are financially secure and have access to daily life requirements.think for your health care,perhaps you will remain a resident of the UK so as to be entitled from there.


I'm Danielle... and our family of 3 is moving from Washington, D.C. to Athens in June 2018. I lived in Budapest in my 20's and can't wait to bring my family on an international adventure.

I would love the group's suggestions on the best international schools to look at (my son will be in 5th grade) and the best neighborhoods to find an apartment in. Ideally we'd live in the city, not a suburb.

Thank you for your help! I'm excited to join your community. :)

Best wishes,


Hello,you might look at todays news on ..Greek Reporter.. on line which says Keramikos in Athens has been voted by Forbes as one of the worlds coolest neighborhoods,I have been there and yes its very nice,lots of alternative arts etc..often in English,and when you come out of the metro there is a well liked souvlaki shop and further down an amazing cake cafe.very close to the dont want to be in the heart of Athens,you will die from the pollution and its a hell hole now in there,drugs,cars,pollution,robbery,lots of muggings,slightly out is better.Im in Egaleo and thats only ten mins with the metro to Monasteraki.


I've just moved to the suburbs in Kifissia and I'm looking for some friends around this area.

We could converse in English - Greek over coffee as I would like to learn some conversational Greek and at the same time make some new friends :)


Hello, I am Elena)
Nice to meet all people here)

Living in Thessaloniki expat from Ukraine, working online with my life and health consulting business.

Married Greek and struggling to learn the beautiful Greek language.

Love traveling, sea and yachts, nature and discovering now lovely places around Thessaloniki and Greece.
I have my Facebook club for Expats and locals Thessaloniki Women's Club where we exchanging our life experiences in Thess.

Hi guys,

Hope all is doing great!

Looking forward on positive interactions with the members of these forum.

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