New members of the France forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi, my name is Ben and I like meet new friends in here all over the world. I have lived in many cities in Great Britain and France and I appreciated a lot each one of them...I wish anyone to find his needs and don't hésitate to ask if you're in need of any help in Paris and suburbs. I love foreign language and especially I want to learn finnish, german, swedish, norwish, so if anyone likes make tandem and friend, you re welcome.



My name is Randi. I am moving to France with my partner! He is going to Science PO for his masters and I was modeling in NYC but decided to try and transition to Paris. I am very excited for my new experience in Paris and learning a new language. I am looking for jobs in business/Fashion or modeling if I can come across a more body inclusive agency. (I am good with kids but I am trying to avoid that unless necessary).. My partner and I have been long distance for 5 months as of now... I'm sure you all have experienced this dreaded period!! I am excited to be reunited in November or sooner and I'm glad to have found this platform and see that I'm not alone on this road to being an expat in France!!! :)

Hi! I'm not sure if I'm in the right place but I'm living in Wales and would love to move to France. I am a nurse, how difficult is it to work in France? I only have basic French know, but I'm trying to learn it! Any advice is very welcome!

Hi, I am new to the forum but not France. Been living here for 3/4 decades with escapades in other countries for a year or two pursuing a career.

I speak/write French and know a bit more than need be about French rules and regulations. I'm no authority, because that is an "official condition" in France. (For which people get paid, and I don't.)

What I can do is make some inquiries for information on the net and see what comes up. Which is a way to get started on the labyrinth of French rules-'n-regulations. (If you came for the cuisine, enjoy it! Because all the rest is highly regulated! ;^)

I live in the southwest of France in a sublime place lost in history surrounded by vineyards - and no it is not Bordeaux!

Hi there!


Do you presently live in the southwest of France or planning to move here?

Hi. Good afternoon from the US. I'm absolutely a newbie. My goal is to move to France within the next couple of years.

To do what in France?

Go to school? Learn French?

Work ... ?

Horsgirl2335 :

I am looking for jobs in business/Fashion or modeling if I can come across a more body inclusive agency.

Do you understand that you need a French Work Permit, that is allowed automatically only to foreign nationals of EU countries ... ?

Of course, you can work "on the black". (Ie. in cash.) Which, if discovered, is punishable by a fine. (Though rarely applied.)

I am not trying to dissuade you. Believe me.

There is a way to apply formally. See here: Work in France: Guide to French work visas and permits

Hope it helps ...

PS: I am a Yank living/working in France. With what work-permit? The one any non-EU citizen can obtain by marrying a French person. Perhaps too drastic a measure for you, but I thought I should mention it nonetheless in a public forum.

Hi Everyone!

I'm finally making my dream of moving to Paris happen! The plan is to move there December 2019.

I plan to start a business and my spouse is a cyber security professional looking for a job.

In February 2019 we're traveling to Paris to visit international schools for our daughter.

I look forward to connecting with you all on this forum.


My name is Joseph and I live in Virginia, am widowed, gay and retired.  I am interested in living in France and possibly in Lyon.  I speak English, Spanish and moderately good French.  For now my interests consist mostly of outdoor activities since in the last thirteen years I have done a fair amount of  long distance hiking in Spain, Portugal and France.  I would greatly enjoy hearing from people who have settled in your country and what their experiences, both good and bad, have been.  Since I have traveled extensively all of my life, I am moderately outgoing and enjoy people and new experiences.
Many thanks for this opportunity to introduce myself.

hi everyone,

I am amit from nepal.I am living in Rennes permanently.
I would like to makes friends. please  is there anyone living in rennes  or near to rennes ?


My name is Bernard Gazire.  I am from Bolgatanga Ghana and I live in Gaillard France.  I will be glad to meet with others who are from the same area to share and to socialize from time to time.  I work with Edmund Rice International, an NGO based in Geneva.  I am beginning to learn the French language.  I would also like to register for health insurance here in France.  Any help and tips in this regard will be much appreciated.

Greetings to everyone.

I am Anna Bloch from Danmark. I have just moved to France for a couple of months for my own business. Hopefully I can get a lot of help from you guys, and learn everything about French people and the living here.

With my best regards,

Bonjour à tous!

I am coming up on a year of living in France now. I married my (French) husband last year, and since he was already established in Paris I moved here to be with him.

I have been taking online courses through an American university for business, but I would really love to pursure a career that works with horses, or animals in general.

I'm pretty much a homebody at the moment, but I would really love to change that through making friends and learning the language.

Bonne journée!

Hi everyone,
                      I have lived in France for 20 years. I speak French though still go to 'school'! I moved here with my wife when we both retired. I was a London Fireman and my wife a lawyer.
We moved to the Pays Basque area when we came to France and settled in extremely well with great neighbours.
There appears to be very few British people in this area, in fact we haven't met any in the twenty years we have been here! I have to say that we never went out of our way to find any other ex pats as the idea, as far as we were concerned, was to integrate fully into French society.

My. wife died eight years ago and the people here were  incredible with their help. The integrating certainly helped! I have remained here because this is my home and in fact have only ever been back to the U.K. on one occasion for a period of three days! I wonder if that is a record?

I admire you. I am trying to do this myself.

I am a Brit living in New Zealand, just about to (almost 100%) make the move to south of France. I am a little nervous, about both leaving here and making it work there. Anyone in the provence or Languedoc regions give me some feedback as the reality of living there - the weather, the people, the ability to build the social life in the towns and villages, the possibility of work for a British speaker still earning French.... 46 year old single man and dating in France?? :)  and anything else ..

Many thanks



I am Ahmed living in Paris since Oct 2017, just let me know if you have any question in mind!

Hi everybody, I'm Jan, a Dutch guy living in Bordeaux. I've been in France for over 16 years now. I work in higher education and research. Let me know if I can help with anything.

Hi! I'm Alaina, a dual citizen in the US and France.
I've lived my whole (young) life in Minnesota, US and am planning on moving to Lyon next summer.
I have family around France but none that currently live in Lyon. I'm hoping to make some friends before I move.
I am self employed and work from home so it can be hard to get out and meet people.
My biggest concerns are language, as I'm not totally fluent in French, and packing too much or not enough for my move.


Hi everyone, Bertrand here! Recently graduated and moved from Singapore to Paris this month to work for a year (til end 2019) as an expat, doing human resources.

Still very new to this place and trying to learn French, but work has been taking a lot of my time :/ (do advise if you know of any free places to learn in groups or something on the weekends). Keen to explore around France to discover the culture and places here, and possibly travel all over Western Europe and the region over the weekends.

Have recently picked up endurance sports and participating in the Paris Marathon in 2019. Would love to find some fellow enthusiasts to workout together, go for hikes, hangout, and to meet new people, possibly travel places together, etc.

Feel free to reach out to me :)


Hi My name is Nardo . I'm working here in UAE but i'm originally from Philippines and I'm planning to move in france but I don't know what kind of job I can get in france.


I am Muhammad Ghayas and I am from Pakistan. I am a Finance Student and currently enrolled in a Master Program. I am currently residing in Paris 18th arrondissement. It's been about three months since I am here.

Just a piece of advice to new students and incoming expats - Learn the language before jumping in to Paris, unless of course you are here for a short stay.

I am fun, engaging and outgoing. To kill the boredom, I usually go out for jogging or long walks on the road-sides. Let me know if you are as bored as I am.

You can drop me a text


Hello. 😁 My name is Colle and I am from the Philippines.

I find this website very helpful about some insights and experiences from expats and hopefuls. Thank you very much for giving us this kind of online community!

I am starting a new life-project: Living in France. I'm currently at stage one which is "Realizing your dream and start chasing after it." ~ I believe that this is the most difficult part. But all will be well with a dash of courage and positivity!

I have created a forum too, "Finding Work in Paris", all answers/advise you can give me will be very much appreciated.

Merci d'avance and have a good day! 😊

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