New members of the France forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the France forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in France if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

hi my name is dhasthagircassime ia living in india then my current city name was pondicherry so, now iam doing BBA tourism final year then i want to join in french foregion legion. help me to give the processing of visa to arrive france. :)

hi my name is dhasthagir cassime i am living in india then my current city name was pondicherry so, now iam doing BBA tourism final year then i want to join in french foregion legion. help me to give the processing of visa to arrive france. :)


We are a family of four that are moving to th eToulouse area to  try and establish a sustainable tourism business.

We are looking to sell up and move in the summer so kids can start school.  Initially looking to rent in or near Castelnaudary. A big step but should be fun!

Would love any advice or help with renting, looking for house apartment for 12 months(ish) .


My wife (French National) and I moved from Toronto to Aix-en-Provence since October. We brought our Australian Shepherd, Stanley with us.

We moved to be closer to her family as she has been living abroad for 7+ years. We like the idea of starting a new chapter in another country and with free education for our future kids.
We also thought it would be a fantastic way for me to discover her culture and learn the language more efficiently than my, oft-forgotten Duolingo sessions in Toronto.

Anyway, looking forward to learning from current expats and maybe helping others in the future!


My name is Pavel and I am an electrical engineer with PhD from St. Petersburg, Russia. I dream to work in the Aerospace Valley and to live in the beautiful city of Toulouse. I possess required knowledge and work experience, but unfortunately I am zero in French so far. I would love to get an advice on how to properly organize a search of English speaking job in the Aerospace Valley, if it is possible at all.

Thank you!

Hi and Welcome Everyone!

My name is Zoltan and I am from Hungary. I did my undergraduate studies in Szeged, Hungary (physics and astronomy). After this, I used to work as a data analyst for two years in Rochester, NY, USA. At the end of this position I applied to a graduate school in Cologne, Germany. After getting my Ph.D. degree in astrophysics/physics, I worked as post-doc at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM).
Currently, I am working as a postdoctoral fellow at the West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV, USA. My actual contract is ending in June.
We (I and my lovely wife, Andrea) have been made a decision to move to South-France (Nice) as we were absolutely amazed by the people and the way how the French people live their life.
We are looking for an apartment and possible job opportunities, hence if anybody knows something, we would appreciate it! We know that it is gonna be hard but we are not afraid to work and learn the language.
Merci beaucoup!


I'm Michelle, and I'm looking to move to Bordeaux within the next two years.  I am my mother's full time caregiver and have lots of logistics to work out and can use all the help I can get.  For instance, will I be able to purchase durable medical equipment there, or should I plan on shipping what we already have?  Are things like conversion vans something easily attainable in Bordeaux or anywhere in France for that matter, or should I plan on shipping that and going through (what I've heard to be quite a headache) the process of getting the conversion van I already own, up to France's standards?

I have more questions obviously, but you have to start somewhere.  Any advice would be welcome.



I'm Josie. I joined a few weeks ago. I am still leaving in England and learning French. I have a plan to move to Toulouse in two years time.

I am visiting Toulouse from the 22nd Feb for the first time, looking to get to know the city, mingle as much, improve my French and make new friends. I have booked an apartment for 4 days.

Whilst I am in Toulouse I would like to emerge myself as much as possible into French culture. Maybe even volunteer for a day or two and exchange language.

Does anyone have any advice?


I would be pleased to spend one day or two with you but I am living in Montpellier not Toulouse ; this is 2 hours' time by train from Toulouse and it is an exciting town as well close to the sea. Anyway, if you are interested , get in touch with me. Anne, Frenchlanguagecoach

A friend and I are moving to Chablais later this year, to be nearer my family. Looking forward to living in the Chablais Geopark area between Lac Leman and the Alps - we are both keen on geology! Any other geologists around?


I am interested. I don't mind making the train trip. I have never been so it will be an opportunity to see a new city.

i will just have to find out how to get there.


I am Frederick, dual British/Australian and I have lived in Australia for many years and the Philippines for the past two and a half years.

I am retired and now wish to live in France, a country I love and I speak some French, well, enough to get by, I think!

My wish is to sponsor my Filipino partner of more than 2 years to live with me in France. We are unmarried, I am divorced and she is separated from her husband for 6 years, but divorce is not possible in Philippines, I am hoping that her marital status will not prevent her from residing with me in France. Any thoughts?

Sadly I don't have any info but sending you "bon courage" as they say here in France. And support and good vibes! If I come across any info, I'll be sure to send it to you. (I am originally from the Philippines but moved to Toronto when I was younger, where I  and met my French wife and moved back to her country)

Hi Zoltan,
I'm looking to move to France in 12-18 months. In the meantime I live in Pittsburgh, my brother went to WVU, my family is from Rochester, if I can be of help, let me know.

I'm currently living in Switzerland with my family.  I am thinking about moving us to the Landes region for Summer, from April to November.  I know only a few words of French, it used to be better 12 years ago, but then I moved back to Australia.  I am currently studying it again now.  If anyone has any advice on primary schools around Capbreton, Hossegor, Seignosse that would be great.  I have been looking at  accomodation and job in waitressing/laundry and cheffing for my husband.  What are the extra charges for accomodation?  I will have to post in another area for that, I guess.  Thankyou

hi, i am definitely interested. 

you'll just have to help me with details on getting to you etc but I'd be happy to come to another city.

Are you in france now?

My name is Cynthia from Nigeria...I would love to move to france sometime this year.I speak french too.Wondering if I could get a job in hospitality.Merci

Hi! im filipino planning on migrating to Paris to be with my boyfriend. Would go there on a tourist visa, but would have to make plans to be able to stay longer. I am a pediatrician but would study french first. Anyone in the medical field who successfully found employment in Paris? I don't need to be a clinician but perhaps research? Thanks in advance.

Hi Folks

I'm Colin and am planning to move to the Crozon area with my better half in next year or so.
We are looking forward to all the new ways of life.

Good day everyone,
I am Mary from Philippines , married to a Belgian citizen living in Poitiers for 3 months now. I am learning french at the moment and hoping to improve more, i wonder if there's any one living around Poitiers , would be nice to meet and talk to someone who speaks English and French. :)


Julien :

Hi all,

Newbie on the France forum? Dont know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in France if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!


my name is Simon and my wife Lorraine and I own a campsite, Camping Champ de la Chapelle, 03360, Braize. We have been in France for 3 years now and have very rarely met any other English people other than tourists. I am quite sure that we are not the only English people in the area, so if anyone out there fancies introducing themselves please do so.

Bonjour tout le monde!

I'll be moving to Paris in September 2018. I'll be taking a year long intensive French language course to prepare me for a Masters program in France. I've been an expat before as I use to live in London and Korea!

Hello! I am half Filipina (UK resident) moving to Paris with my Belgian fiance - so if you're ever around please come say hi :-)

My husband was transferred to SE France from the USA.  We have 4 children and this has been a big and overwhelming move!  We will be here two years.  We currently have a nanny and will be looking for another one to come in Sept.  We would prefer her to be already in France with a car and to speak English and French.  If you know of anyone who loves kiddos, send them my way!

Hello everybody!

I'm from Amsterdam, 21 years old and met my other half a bit more than 1 year ago. He's from Mauritius. We are planning to get married in the Netherlands and then move to south of France before end of the year. Any tips or advises about starting a life in the beautifull south is welcome!

Hi everyone,
I am Boby Mathew, from Bangalore, India. I completed my Phd in proteomics from India. Currently got a scholarship to do my Postdoctoral fellowship at University of Lille 1. The research is supposed to start the first week of June 2018. Waiting for my scholarship grant agreement letter to come for my visa application and other official procedures. Glad to know an active expat community like this is existing. Would like to know about the living costs in Lille. How to go about the housing searching ? Which would be the appropriate places nearby the University of Lille to search for housing?
I would be grateful if anybody can help me with these queries.
Thank you for your time

Hi all!

My name is Annie, and I am looking to move back to France- this time Paris.

I previously lived in France after graduating university in 2011. Family reasons brought me back to the States in 2012, and have been here ever since.

I am planning to apply to the American Business School Paris to obtain my MBA, and wanted to join this forum to begin learning more things and collecting some useful information!

It is a bit daunting to start the process, since I am a single parent. My son, however, is a French citizen, so we have that working in our favor.

I would love to connect with other parents in Paris, grad students in Paris, and especially if there are any parents in grad school here!



Hi everybody, I am new member here. Nice to know all of you!

I am living in Hanoi city in Vietnam but I will move to France in some years.

I hope I will have many friends in France soon.

Thank you so much!

Hello everyone,

I'm Paul, I'm hoping to move to Lyon in a year to live with my girlfriend who is originally from Clisson near Nantes.

I run my own art and illustration company, taking on wedding illustration, portrait and other painting commissions .  I'm hoping to find any information on other art based job opportunities there might be in Lyon, if any one has any information it would be greatly appreciated.

I've got some examples of my work here [link moderated]

Many thanks!

Hi everybody,

I´m Hendrik and originally from germany and I moved four weeks ago to Paris to start my PhD here. i am working at a french italian chemistry laboratory so i will be hoping back and forth a lot between paris and florence over the coming years. right now there a lot of new challenges in my life here while trying to settle in.
my french is still in its infancy, but i am hoping to learn fast, until then i would love to meet up with any of you for the odd coffee or little chat.

nice to see so many active people around here,
all the best

Hi folks,
My husband Tom and I just sold our chocolate shop in California, and are planning to spend at least a year in Montauban, France, doing the research for and writing a historical fiction novel, or series of novels, based on my parents three escapes during the Second World War. They were In Montauban and in hiding in Verfeil from 1940 to 1942, after leaving Paris and Vienna. Fortunately for me, Tom is fluent in French and German. I taught school in New York State and California for many years, Tom is a chef and all-around culinary guy. We ran the chocolate business for 12 years. Now we're ready for a new adventure!

Hi, my name is Greg Segal. I am planning to move to Metz, in June 2018. My wife and I bought an apartment in the center of the city - St. Therese, near the train station. I moved from the US to Belgium in 2013 because I madly fell in love with a beautiful woman. I retired from my work for the US federal government in Washington, DC, and moved to Arlon, Belgium. Now I am happily married and have a 4-year old boy to look after.  I didn't like Arlon, which is a small farmish town, so we decided to move to a bigger city.  We liked Metz. My wife works full time in Luxembourg and I take care of our little boy.
I am looking forward to get into rowing club on Mosel river, which is just 10 minutes away from my future home and explore biking trails along the river.
Looking forward to meeting english speaking people in Metz to learn more about the city, have a conversation and establish friendships.

My name is Roxane and I live in Lyon since 2014. I moved from Bordeaux. I came from West Indies.
I'm a private chef. If you need my services, do not hesitate, it will be a pleasure.
I already work with many expats family and I really like it. If you want see my work, I have a facebook page : La littérature culinaire et pâtissière.
Have a good day.

Hello Friends

M:y name is Doress Dessie. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and just moved to Orleans. I would love to meet new friends (a little quiet here in comparison to my life back in Kuala Lumpur) who speak English and looking forward to practice and learn french.

Please contact me if anyone would like to meet up for coffee or chat.



I am planning on retiring in Spring of 2019 and am considering at least a seasonal relocation to the Bordeaux area.  I am an amateur wine maker and historian who enjoys many outdoor activities, particularly hiking and camping. 

Currently planning on coming to Bordeaux  in September on a scouting mission and would welcome any suggestions for lodging, things to do, and places to hang out. 

I have some previous exposure to the French language and hope to have at least basic conversational ability by the time I arrive.

A bientot!


Thank you for adding me. 
My name is Maryleigh Wisner, I am 52 yrs old, born & raised in Atlanta Georgia.
7+ years and happy to prepare for a wedding in France this summer to a Frenchman. 
All of his family (now, mine too) live in Paris.

We are moving to Vaucresson  Île-de-France 29, June. 

I've submitted my application for a long-stay Visa & pray that there is a Patron Saint for first time approvals on 3, May which is when my appointment is at the French Consulate here in Atlanta.
My biggest concern(s) are making sure I have all the requirements in the proper form and order, prior to my meeting.  And of course the my French, it is intimidating but I continue to take lessons at the Alliance Française d'Atlanta and will pick up classes once arriving in Vaucresson.

Any guidance, advice and recommendations is greatly needed and very much appreciated!

Hi I am Jecca from Philippines, I hope you guys can help search for schools and start my application.
I want to meet all of you when I arrive successfully in France.


I am a 74 year old retired small town Southern Lawyer. My wife is a 69 year old retired Registered Nurse. We are young at heart, physically fit, and in good health. We love to travel, experience other cultures, food and wine, and meet new people. We have 5 children, 17 grandchildren and 4 great grand-children. I am a writer as a hobby and Antoinette enjoys cooking and fine cuisine. We are to begin our adventure in Strasbourg in late August and will travel from there as our home base. We are looking to make France our new home and will look for the place meant for us. We want to live immersed in all things French. Interested in studying the language and in taking courses in French cooking and cuisine near our apartment in the La Petite France neighborhood. Also interested in becoming involved with other English Speakers there.

Any suggestions and advice welcome.

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