New members of the Cambodia forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Cambodia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Cambodia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi Jullian,

I have been trying to write a not to you, but this site keeps timing me out.

I wonder if you might like to make contact, to chat about Siem Reap and the culture there.

I can always give you a better method to chat on.

Take care

Hi all,
I’m new to this forum having only joined this site yesterday. I’m just here to meet with other people in my same situation (which is moving to/traveling to Cambodia in the future) and meet with some others who have already landed and hopefully learn from their experiences.
Anyone with an advice or just wanting to chat about their plans please contact me.
Look forward to meeting you.

Hello Jason.

Welcome on board this forum, you will find lots of experiences here and if you have questions you can put them in the fitting forum, based on location and subject.

I hope your stay will be a pleasant one.


Cambodia expat-advisor team

Hi, I would be pleased to make contact with you.I move to Siem Reap on the 4th Feb'2018.
I can give you alternative ways of making contact if you wish.

Take care

Hi I'm Corey and just getting started on my path to travel and was thinking of starting in Cambodia once  I get my tefl. Any advice is greatly appreciated and if you have a recommendation for another place I should start I'm all ears

Hello Corey.

Welcome on board this forum. Hope you will have a pleasant stay in Cambodia.


Cambodia expat-advisor team

Hi I'm Roger, I'm retiring on February 23 and want to move from Australia to Cambodia (Phnom Pehn) I have just read that I can enter Cambodia on a tourist visa
and keep on extending my stay, how much does the visa extension cost? Am I able to
buy an apartment/condo, is it worth buying one or just renting.
Looking forward to coming back to Phnom Pehn about April.

Thanks for any advice


Hello Roger, welcome on board.

First, DO NOT come on a tourist visa!

A tourist visa can only be extended once, so every two months you would have to leave the country.

Get an Ordinary (E) visa on arrival at the airport, that one can be extended without leaving the country.

As you are retired you can within one month apply for a retirement extension of stay (ER), for one year and that can be extended every year. Use an agent for that, no need to go to Immigration Office.
It costs $295 per year, you need a passport photo and your passport, that's all. It's a multiple entry extension, so you can leave and come back as many times as you wish.

Good that you inquire before you arrive, I have seen quite a lot of people baffled after they entered with the wrong visa.

Good luck, enjoy your stay.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

secondmov :

Am I able to
buy an apartment/condo, is it worth buying one or just renting.


Roger, come live here and look around. RENT for at least a year, no need to buy. The only option to have housing in your name is to buy a condo, in a building with many condos and the number of foreigners should not exceed a certain maximum. Any other housing will not be on your name, you can share with a Khmer person but when you split up it's all gone.

Rent and enjoy ;)


Many thanks for the advice Joe, especially about the visa, I would have kicked myself
if I had entered on the wrong visa.  :)


Hello, I just joined yesterday.
In some weeks I will move from Germany  to Cambodia, then living and working in Kampong Thom in development help in the field of food and nutrition security.
Have spent the last 2 Years in Solomon Islands and before in other countries.
On arrival will search for a house in Kampong Thom, 2 bedrooms and hopefully some space around the house for gardening.
Also I am looking for a 4x4 like an old Landcruiseror, Landrover or one of the small Suziki Jeeps, with simple technik.

Thanks and kind regards

Welcome on board this forum Andreas, hope your stay in Cambodia will be a pleasant one.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

Hello Gilbert, welcome on this forum and make your stay worthwhile.

Your expectations are not too high but realize the more you expect the easier you are disappointed.

Come and live here, meet the population of which the female part is very attractive and friendly.
Find your way, make acquaintances and slowly get an idea of what you can expect.

English speaking can be a problem, I have bad experience with a girl that did not speak enough English to really communicate. Among those that speak English well are those that have/had a foreigner relationship or even worked in a bar. No problem with girls working in a bar, just be aware that there is a high percentage of liars among them.
Try to find "normal" girls with a job during the day or evening. when they work with foreigners [restaurant, coffeeshop, massage parlour, tourism] they will speak enough English to communicate.

Just don't sit and wait till Cinderella comes to meet you, you will have to go for it, show a positive and friendly attitude and things will work out sooner or later.

Good luck.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

Dear Cambodia Forum people,

I just joined I am currently based in Edinburgh but am planning to move to Southeast Asia at the end of April. As I find it difficult to find a job in SOA while I am here I thought it might be better to be based there and then look further for a job.

With my background in Social Anthropology ideally I would like to work in NGOs or other community/development work.

Cambodia has fascinated me for years therfor I am thinking of renting a room for two months and apply for jobs during that time while also getting to know Cambodia a bit and trying to learn Khmer.

Can you recommend me some reasonable lodgings?

Best wishes,

"Get an Ordinary (E) visa on arrival at the airport, that one can be extended without leaving the country."

When I arrive do I need to ask for an ordinary (E) visa or will immigration automatically give
me an ordinary (E) visa?




Why would they give you "automatically" an Ordinary visa? Most arrivals are tourists.
How would they know that you want to stay longer than 2 months?

You have to ask for it, tick the box with Ordinary visa on the application form, give a possible date of departure after more than two months, hand over $35 (instead of $30 for tourist visa) and the immigration officer will get you your Ordinary visa. That's all.

Btw don't post such subjects here, this is the New Members thread. Thanks.  :offtopic:



Hello AntoniaLucia.

Welcome on board this forum.

Finding accommodation is not a problem but the best way is to come over and walk around in the area where you would like to stay. There are many signs indicating "for rent" with a phone number.

More difficult is finding a job with your specialized skills. I would advise to start looking for it already on line and even apply for jobs, no problem to get and give info prior to getting there in person for the interview. I know of schools that do phone or even video call interviews when the applicant arrives later. That way you have already made contact and probably got a date for the interview, so everything will be smooth from that point on.

There are more than 3000 NGO's in Cambodia, so a real search is needed. I include this link that shows the structure of NGO's and gives a lot of information. … nisations/

Good luck.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

hi Roger..i am also from  Australia..I am going to phnom penh on the 28th March and am going to rent an can rent nice one bedroom for $300-$350 per month.. if you would like to catch up when you arrive please make can't act..would be happy to do so..I live in perth.. ian

Hi all!
My name is Allison. I'm going to be interning at an NGO this summer in Phnom Penh, June - July. I was in Cambodia over the winter, mainly in Phnom Penh, but stayed in hotels while this time I'll probably have to rent a room. Food wise, pharmacy wise, etc. Im fine however the living situation is what is really stressing me out since I am a student with a limited amount to spend. This will be my first time staying in a foreign country this long alone, so any advice is much appreciated.


Do you have a idea on which area you would need to be in , if so I might have a few ideas for short term renting

Hey thanks for responding,

The NGO is between independence monument and olympic stadium. So something near either of them would be great.

Ha that’s where I live , I’m leaving June 27 until August, for around two months maybe a sublease , just a thought I live in a fabulous place close to independence monument, but there are many, it’s just the short term problem, but if I could be of any help message me

Hi Allison.

Welcome on board this forum, hope your stay will be a good one.

As for accommodation for two months it is best to place  a free ad in the Housing section here, under either Flats/rooms for rent or Shared accommodation.

The cheapest offer is $40 for a room, but it is outside PP.

Good luck.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

Jo is right, you can look around , there are many good realtors sites on this ex pat site, yet I must be honest, it’s going to be tough to rent a full on apartment for one month, the good thing is , there are many many guest houses , no matter what your budget. You can find something, if it were me for only a month or two, I would check out areas around where you want to be,  there will be guesthouses in all theses areas , then get a tuk tuk for a day 25$ , he will take you to the guest houses, you can look at them , most if not all have good WiFi, cable tv, look if they want 300 a month and your staying two months , just tell them 450 now for the total stay , if they say no, be kind and say the honest truth , you will look around, and might come back, most likely it will be 475.00$ you can definitely find lower priced units, I’m just giving a example, good luck, you won’t find a problem finding a place in those areas , have the full rent amount and deposit up front, this is the way you can negotiate the best deal, remember, khmer people are kind even if you cannot agree on a price , my best advice is always do it with a good sprite , and they will with you, I’m from the USA , and sometimes negotiating can become a combative situation, here it’s the opposite, it’s always done with respect, never critical of the item your negotiating for, just a thought on anything, the markets included , most of these merchants are honest just trying to make a living , especially in the markets, The guesthouse can just be empty, so negotiate hard for your room , great luck on your stay

My name is John. I have been to Cambodia before when I was 13. Now I'm 22 and preparing to move to Siem Reap. I have a great job here in LA but I'm young and hate working a 60-80 hr desk job. I'm taking one backpack and getting a one way ticket to see where life goes from there. I should be arriving early March. I plan on staying in Siem Reap for at least a year.

Hi, my name is John as well. 2 John's don't make a right! I spent 9 weeks in SR at the back of last year. I think I see what you do in Cambodia.  I'm in love with the country and it's people.  My aim is to permanently near the end of this year. I'm looking to run a small hotel there. I'm going to SR for a couple of weeks starting on the 10th April . Would be good to meet up for a chat if you would like. I wish you the very best of luck.

Hello John.

Great idea to not hang around at a desk job. You will have a great time here, I'm sure.

Cambodia expat-advisor team

Excellent advice jo, johnmorgan, I’m 60 now enjoying the hell out of Cambodia, for me it’s PP but Cambodia is wonderful, just hang out a few months look around , ( and if your not having a good time at your age here, well john you need to check yourself , somethings wrong) ha , no joking aside,  jo  khmer here on this site knows Cambodia well, the visa system well, I’ve been here three years and still get great advice from him on this forum, please feel free to ask him any questions he will be able to give you the real facts, you will have a blast, at your age, for sure you will love it, I’m 60 now I now realize, that when I was your age I should have been traveling, John you will have a lifetime of work, don’t rush into it, when you take your last breath I bet you won’t be thinking “ gosh I wish I would have worked more) go for it!

yeah for sure my passion is traveling. Backpacked all of Europe and parts of south america and Asia. I fell in love with Cambodia last time i was there cant wait to come back and be able to actually enjoy everything now that I'm on my own and older. I plan on living there for at least a year unless i find a source of income once i get there then i will be staying for awhile. If anyone has advise or information i should know please PM me looking to meet people once i get there.

Hello! My name is Siara, I am hoping to move to Siem Reap, Cambodia in March! I am excited to live locally and would love to meet other young english speakers also living/moving to Siem Reap :)

Hello Siara.

Welcome on board this forum. I'm sure your stay will be a pleasant one.


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Hi!  My name is Lynn.  I have two grown kids.  My daughter decided she wanted to teach overseas after college and has convinced us to move with her.  We fell in love with Cambodia through friends of ours from there who live near us.  We did a lot of research and decided we wanted to be in a Siem Reap.  I work online and my daughter will be teaching and we really love everything about the food and people.  We are realistic that’s it will be an adjustment and look forward to it and what that will look like.  My daughter and I arrive in September once she has all of her college documentation and the rest of my family will hopefully arrive in 2019 once my husband does early retirement in June.

Hello Lynn.

Welcome on board this forum and what an interesting journey your family is going to do.

Rarely see more than two people changing country, so a real adventure.
I hope you and your family will have a great stay in Cambodia.


Cambodia expat-advisor
Expat,com team

Dear Joe,
thank you very much for your answer !
I will try my best to find a job first as I am afraid of running out on money while searching for a job while I am there.

Hi Julian,

Hoping to travel and move to Cambodia in 4-6 weeks time after I have things sorted here.

I’ve been reading a lot of the posts RE visa and general advice you and  other members have posted, very kind of you and much appreciated.

Hope I can buy you a beer when I get there.


John N

Hello John.

Welcome on board this forum, hope you have a great time.

I don't think you really want to buy Julian a beer as he is located on Mauritius  :D

It's ok, no problem, you can't even buy me a beer as I don't drink anything except the odd glass of red wine (as preventive medicine).


Cambodia expat-advisor team

Hey hi this is Bhushan I'm planning to visit Cambodia in coming month for hunting new business opportunities....

Care to expand?

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