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FloridaGuyInBrazil :

Tell me ..... why does this website IGNORE people who are living in FLORIANOPOLIS ?
FLORIANOPOLIS is one of the most popular destinations in Brasil.

Not sure why you would think that - questions about Florianopolis (which appear to mainly be about maternity tourism, for some reason) seem to get answered just as quickly as any other, and Florianopolis residents participate in plenty of conversations.
If your real question is "Why isn't there a Florianopolis Forum?", I have no answer.  No reason there shouldn't be; a lot of the smaller capitals don't seem to have them, but maybe should.  Most of the city forums that do exist are pretty non-specific, though, and seem to depend on the overall Brazil forum for content.

Hi Todd,

I’m also from the UK, was the 180 days made up of 90 days Visa on arrival and 90 days extension at the federal police?

Was it a straight forward process?

Thanks in advance,


I think it's based on tourism and just overall Brazil, I know there's about 100+ members in and around Belem, and my new city is not listed for the Brazil forum is the catch all....just a swag....and as far as I know,  I'm the only North  American here...

Think it's about time to make ONE

I don't think they ignore Florianopolis, maybe no expats found this site.
Been there a few times and enjoyed.


I have no idea why. I did not meet any English speaking people in Flor. but I also was just at the beach or eating and having a few beers.

Atta boy Craig, how are you?, and your right , this thread is in deep ah ya know what I

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