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Hi all,

Newbie on the Brazil forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Brazil if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!


My name is Stella and I've just moved to Rio for the next few months.
I'm half Irish/half Brazilian. I understand Portuguese quite well but am working
on speaking it better. I'm hoping to teach English while I'm here as well.
I would love to meet new people and make friends while I'm here, so if anyone wants
to get in touch for a coffee or something, please do :)


Hello. I’m Louise. I’m from Vancouver British Columbia Canada. I work in film and television. I have 2 daughters and I’m 44 years old.
I am in love with Brasil.

I visited rio for 2 months in 2001. I promised myself I would return and I kept that promise to myself this year. I spent all of January in rio, with some excursions of course. I ended up finding an amazing place in Lapa and having wonderful friends there. I want so much to return and spend more time in Brasil. My Portuguese needs work and I need to stay connected so my dream of returning can come true.

Hi. I am a Texan living in Houston but married to a Brazilian man. I love Brazil and it’s very possible we will be moving there. The people are so friendly and humble.

Hi everyone,

I am so glad I found this post.
I am a Brazilian born Australian living in Sydney for almost a decade now. My husband and I are planing a return to Brazil. We are terrified, happy, sad, nervous you name it.

I wanted to met some Australians (or other nationalities)  that moved to Brazil as well and see how they are doing, why Brazil? which city they pick? Of course have lived in Brazil before will be an advantage but we have no idea how this return will be.

Hope to hear from someone soon. :)

Hello!  I am brand new to Belo Horizonte.  Here just a week from Washington DC.  I have no idea what anybody is saying to me since I don't speak Portuguese yet.  I am an experienced ESL teacher and hope to teach some classes soon. 
Would love to meet some people to chat with, and maybe go on a day excursion with.  I hear there are some nice places to visit that aren't very far away.

Hope to hear from some of you,
Randi Littman

:(  :D

Who knows to inform how the situation is there today with safety in the cities of Brazil?

pick up a card and find an expensive one if you do not have it and go for a stroll through the city that is very beautiful. you can give ESL classes at some school or center in this city but you must demonstrate your knowledge and supporting documents and in this way the salary will be adequate.
I wish successes.

Good morning, Mrs., I think that in Brazil in any state where you will live you will have many friends because we Brazilians are very friendly and like to make friends and I think that in your case it will be the same thing. your knowledge in English will help you find a good job very fast. here in Brazil who knows English does not work only if it is a person who has a lot of demands or wants to have a special job. you can work at a school or federal law if you have a degree or a private company as a translator and earn a good salary.

Hello, Mrs. Louise, I hope everything is working out very well for you. if you really want to go back to Brazil to live there, I do not think it's a problem at all. the only thing, look for the list of documents that you must have with you, to be able to legalize your life there and money to pay everything because the evil of Brazil is bureaucracy that is everywhere in the country. after arriving to have to do the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (CPF) is a number composed of 11 digits, the CPF is the registration of the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service in which all taxpayers must be (Brazilian or foreign individuals with business in Brazil) . The CPF stores information provided by the taxpayer himself and by other systems of the Internal Revenue Service. This number will not be able to do anything in Brazil.

Se vocês vão voltar ao Brasil é melhor para a cidade e estado onde viveram antes ou escolher uma cidade de acordo com a vossa saúde porque o Brasil é muito grande e tem um clima muito largo e assim isso pode provocar doenças e ainda pelo facto de vocês têm vividos nuns pais com um outro clima e desta forma assim seria melhor para o vosso bem-estar.
I wish you good luck good nerves due to the bureaucracy there in Brazil that have successes in everything. It is very good to return to the land of Christmas. I also miss Brazil very much because I have not been there for 25 years I live in Europe.

I do not use a driver's license because I have a new car and so I have a car license but that gives me the right to ride motorcycles.

It's true, I live abroad too and I want to go back to Brazil and even when I go to Brazil on vacation I miss it very much and I want to go back to the country where I live. I am already very accustomed to life and food here in Europe and I can no longer live in Brazil.

BobGrik, I am very confused why you have messaged so much on this one thread. For this forum to be useful it is better to ask or answer certain questions that pertain to each thread with your personal knowledge and experience. You have butchered this thread and made it confusing and useless.

Hello everyone! I am an American who wants to move to Brazil. I can speak a little Portuguese and get better everyday. I would love suggestions for cities that are reasonably safe ( I am from Memphis TN. so, all but the craziest Favelas would be like home for me) reasonably affordable, and close to nature. I studied and worked with exotic animals from my teens into my 30s. I know there are drastic differences and surprisingly familiar similarities ( I see Coca Cola everywhere in pictures of everyday Brazilian life.)  share any and all experiences and advice. I want to absorb as much Non-Brazilian perspective of Brazil as I can.
Thanks for your time!


Am Stella from Nigeria, am a Caterer/event decorator. I speak English and a little Portuguese(still learning).  I've been in Brazil for two years now.  Married to a Nigerian, we both reside in São Paulo, Brazil.

You going to have bigger things to worry about than Coca- cola down here Gringo learning!

Hi guys! Bom dia! My name is Walker Dawson and I'm a documentary filmmaker from California. I'm coming to live in Sao Paulo again and I'm doing my thesis film on contemporary immigration to Brazil, particularly interested in people immigrating from outside Latin America/Western Hemisphere. I would love to know if any of you have contacts with these communities, or know of places I should go to learn more about this.

Hi Stella! My name is Walker and I'm making a short documentary film about contemporary African and Asian migration to Brazil. I was wondering if at some point when I arrive in Sao Paulo we could chat about this. I would love to know your impressions, etc

Walker Dawson,

There is a lot of Africans and Middle Easterns coming here to have anchor babies. Check out the child birth posts on here to find some others to talk to.

Walker Dawson :

Hi Stella! My name is Walker and I'm making a short documentary film about contemporary African and Asian migration to Brazil. I was wondering if at some point when I arrive in Sao Paulo we could chat about this. I would love to know your impressions, etc

Welcome, it is my understanding that the "Africans and Haitians" who were trying the to enter the US via the Mexican/ US Border and about 2.5 million are to Return to the "Original Entry Country" which is" Brasil" and our "Illustrious Current Brazilian President Temer"  agreed to place and accept  them on "Marajo Island" in Para State and the Northeast of Brazil is also receiving a influx of Venezuelan. If your only going Sao Paulo you will not be getting the "Whole Story"  as for the Asians they have a Big Influence in Brazil from "Colonial days"
. There is also a group of "Confederate / US Decendants" here in Brazil if you like to visit Belem I will provide you with lodging and a Safe suburb/ barrio in Belem( ya gotta buy your own food/kkk/lol/smh......Belem is also part of the "Silk Road Project" and Para State has the money to complete it's portion of the railroad. As of now I believe Brazil is part of the "BRICS" Brazil,Russia, India,China, South Africa unless Brazil has withdrawn from the "Pact" the immigration thingy is for "Cheap Labor and to displace "Brazilians " .......jus sayn.... :cool:

Gringolearning :

I want to absorb as much Non-Brazilian perspective of Brazil as I can.

Hey there!

I'm from New England originally but came to Brazil last year to be with my wife once and for all! The jump from sleepy old Massachusetts to the city of Jundiaí, São Paulo has been very interesting. I came in with a super novice understanding of the language and feel as though I wouldn't have made it to far with out my wife translating for me. These days I'm doing much better with speaking and understanding but I'm still far from conversational.

Because you are looking for an outsiders perspective, I'll give you some of my general impressions :)

First of all, one of the most outstanding aspect of life here is the food! Depending on where you end up, you may be eating some of the best food you ever tasted. Not only Brazilian foods, but foods from all around the world made with wonderful quality. Even mall food seems to be several steps above what I'm used to from malls in the US. Also most any place you go will serve you fresh squeezed orange juice so that's nice!

Another thing I was quick to notice was how social people are. Generally in the US, you can enter a room of people with out even being noticed or join a circle of friends to be greeted by a few weak waves. But here people never hesitate to shake your hand or even give you a big hug and a kiss on the cheek! Naturally not everywhere is the same but go to any kind of party or get-together and you will become acquainted to most everyone there before too long.

Now for a kind of funny one: Hygiene. North America is a germaphobic culture. Ask anyone for a bit of hand sanitizer and they are sure to have a bottle with them. I remember a disinfecting spray commercial in the US being marketed as a way to keep kid's toys that fell off the table free of germs that would almost definitely be the end of them if they ever put it in their mouth! Here however, I get the impression that "cooties" never existed. People prepare food with their bare hands, kids are rolling around on the ground, and nobody is afraid to hug a sweaty guy! For the most part, I found it freeing to cast away my germaphobic ways; after all, just because we invented Purell doesn't mean we no longer have immune systems!

Obviously there is plenty more to talk about - I haven't even mentioned the traffic here or how everyone likes to stare at you while you try to parallel park but I'll end there to keep for going too long. I hope this gave you some incite and I wish you the best in your travels to this very unique part of the world :)

Hi, good night to everyone, my name is Lucas. I'm 24 years old and I'm Brazilian. I'm learning English, I've already visited Uruguay and I think of living outside Brazil maybe 5 years from now. I live in the city of Santos coast of São Paulo. and I'm looking for friendships, exchanges of experiences, and if I can help with some doubts you can count on me.

I am British coming to Brazil in 1977. I am an agricultural manager having worked for a Swedish company here in Brazil. I married my wife, Eliana very soon after coming to Brazil. I have since worked in the family company since. Our son and daughter both live in Curitiba. We often come to visit them in Curitiba, Parana. I am looking to meet other Expat here in Curitiba.  Let's say "The best age".

Hello,I am Eric from Cameroon and I am  interested in moving over to Brazil most probably as a student first.So I will be grateful if you can help me out with stuffs like infos about schools offering courses in Logistics,Transportation or any related course to Onshore maritime studies.I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi my name is Gaby and I am brazilian born and raised in SP. I have lived in Netherlands, England and now I'm back in Brazil working on my Master's in Anthropology. I study brazilian culture, indigenous society, and ayahuasca groups. My older son is now living in Netherlands and I might go abroad again in a near future. At the moment I work with personalized tour & consultancy services in Sao Paulo. I am consider myself a culture enthusiast ;)


The language of instruction in Brazilian universities is Portuguese, so if you don't arrive in Brazil already fluent in Portuguese, you have a steep language learning curve to climb before you even begin talking to universities about continuing study in your field.

I'm Nige,originally from Malmesbury in the Uk and moved here with my brazillian lady

Hi everyone. 
I have been based in Rio de Janeiro for several years but only came across this network recently.  I hope you are all well and enjoying life in Brazil.  It is a challenging environment for many foreigners but still offers a good quality of life and some niche opportunities for those with the creativity and patience - and of course a bit of luck!
Look forward to chatting on the forums and maybe in person if anyone is heading over to Rio.  Cheers, Amit


I'm from Poland and I'm moving to North East Brazil where my Brazilian wife is waiting there for me. Of course I had been there few times before for 3 weeks to 12 weeks periods. If not her good job she can't think dropping it I would convince her to move to Poland... or we both move to other country. Brazil is beautiful but security issues are little crazy and I hope it will improve (by improving economic situation of majority of the people). I like beaches in Natal, Pipa etc. In Brazil I miss meat - like ham, sausages, etc - as Poland have one of the largest variation of those products ;)

I'm a programmer so I can work anywhere on the world where I have stable internet connection ;)

quite sad to admit ...

Hello, everyone. I’m an Asian man working in Libya who’s planning to move to Brazil one day, probably in Sao Paulo where the costs of apartments are reasonable. I visited Rio back in 2012. Had a lot of nice memories there, especially the Stevie Wonder concert that was held on Christmas Day at the beach. I hope to meet fellow Asians in this community, I know there are only a few, but still...

Hi Stella,
     Are you still located in Rio? You mentioned you were moving there for several months and wanted to hear about your experience thus far. Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi all, just joined. Been in Brasil for a little while. My partner is from Brasil and we plan to marry and live in Rio de Janeiro. Any advise on the process is appreciated, just starting to educate myself on the topic now. We love living near the beach, walking and keeping fit generally.

Hey Craig,

Just joined today. I came here on UK passport so I can do 180 days all up. My partner and plan to marry and live in Rio. I plan to register and apply for a Stable Union Visa, I believe I can do this at Federal Police Estrangeiros Department. I will look for one in Rio de Janeiro, to get things started. Any advise is appreciated.


jack.36906 :

Hi all, just joined. Been in Brasil for a little while. My partner is from Brasil and we plan to marry and live in Rio de Janeiro. Any advise on the process is appreciated, just starting to educate myself on the topic now. We love living near the beach, walking and keeping fit generally.

Welcome!  Enjoy living in Rio - nice choice!

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