Childcare in Marrakech

My husband and I will be moving to Marrakech. Lucky us, we’ve lived nice and close to family up to this point and had help with our children. Now that we are moving, we are looking for someone to help 3-5 days a week for a few hours a day so I can work from home. Our children are age 1 and 2. We speak Arabic and English in the house. Where might we find a lovely woman who can help us??

Are you still searching a child care to help your children?

Still searching for someone ? i can help. I live in Marrakech too.

Can you private message me a bit about yourself, your experience and your hourly rate?
I will be in Marrakech in June so I would start needing help then.


If you still looking for child care I'm sure I can help you with she speaks English French and Arabic and she cooks as well

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