Temporary residence card

I just granted TPR and sadley i have problem with my wife we will started speration unfortunately...
And still i didnt go to the police to get my first card

So the question is ,
Can i change the Adress of the shipments of my temporary  residence card ? Or its not possible .

Thank you for help .. :(

Have the authority informed you up to take picture and prints for your card? If yes, when you get there, you can ask them to forward the card to another address.

Note that if your temporary residence permit is based on your marriage with your wife, divorce will void the permit no matter how long the card is valid for.

Hi I think he can use the temporal resident permit until it expires even if there are under separation. Note that separation does mean divorce.

Thank you , yes i read that if there is Seperation or Divorce you have only one year and cannot renew the card except if you want to switch it to study or work permit

Thank you , yes they asked me to do that , i m living in CO adress with my friend , but my adress registered in my wife house .
But about divorce in Norway you need to wait one year after doing Seperation :)

Yes and that's why I wrote divorce....

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