Hotels Now Demand Bills Prepaid at Checkin

The receptionist at the hotel I checked in requested my passport and demanded the full bills for the night before she gave me the keys. I have traveled to two provinces and two districts and have slept at four hotels. Each one demanded the full bills and Passport before I received the keys.

Of course I would still pay my full bills whether before sleeping or at checkout. But it is strange because this is my first experience with hotels requiring guests to prepay full bills before sleeping. However, when I ask for a receipt, they declined and I had to insist like pulling a tooth before I got a receipt, sometimes a hand written note.

Fortunately, I brought some $US and changed to VND at airport. So I had money to pay and would use my Visa card at atm later.

Has anyone had this experience?  Please share your thoughts and experience on this topic. Thank you.

If you make the full payment up front, you should take your PP back after they make a photocopy of it.

I never have had any issue like this before But i generally stay in higher rated hotels and pay by visa. I will see next week I will be in HCMC for a few days. Let you know

Struggling to see the issue here, you're going to pay anyway, so what's the problem?

All hotels in VN (and only in VN) that are listed with require full payment at the time of booking, even though the reservations are refundable.  Same hotels, when listed with Agoda, may not ask for the same thing.  The rates are not the same between the two sites, and Agoda doesn't give you free night.

Ten years in VN and never paid upfront.

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