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Our family will be moving to KL from Singapore in May 2018. My husband's work place will be near the Indonesian embassy. I will not be working at least for another 8 months as I will be having an infant to take care of to. so no restrictions in the area for me. We are considering Eton house or other similar international schools for my son who will be 5 yrs old by that time. We would like to get some suggestions on the areas to consider renting a condo. If any one has had good condo names to suggest even that would be highly welcome. Security will be my greatest concern. Also is it easy to get part-time maids for cleaning or is it better to take a services residence?

Because of the park at KLCC and the shopping (Suria), plus good connections to other parts of town, such as Brickfields/Sentral, staying somewhere around that area would probably be most convenient for the school you are thinking about. It also has good connection to Pavilion Mall. Prince Court hospital is also a stone's throw from the area too.

There are condos on all sides of KLCC park, so it depends on your budget. Serviced apartments are also available but not so many two bedroom ones. It is usually possible to rent a serviced apartment in the same way as a condo i.e. monthly rental figure. Examples are Marc Residence, Ascott, Soho Suites. You will probably find more families in condominiums slightly further away such as Residensi Kia Peng and Vipod. Ask at the school for other ideas.

Home assistance is available from house cleaning agencies or inhouse if in a serviced residence.

Is propertyguru a good place to start my search for condo? DO i just search for condos near KLCC or is their any other area names?


[at]gravitas : If we consider Fairview for the son's schooling, which area would be better for stay?

They moved to a brand new campus recently. Beverly Heights is one option. It has great club feel about it with lots of amenities onsite -


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Is Beverly Heights a condo or independent houses? we prefer condominium. Any areas between Fairview and Indonesian embassy region? This so that both father and son will have lesser commute.

Houses - but has all the facilities of a condo and more.

Will hubby have a driver?

Kampung Warisan is very cute place but to be honest the Indonesian embassy/Wisma Technip does not have good public transport links.

Nopes no driver or car for hubby. They are giving a small car allowance..thats it!

There are school buses going to Fairview from Bukit Bintang and KLCC. Hubby will probably end up walking some distance unless you live very close by.

Just checked upon Kampung Warisma..seems like a cute place like you said. But what about security and connectivity to nearby supermarkets or hospitals etc. Also is using public transport a good option in KL? Or is owning a car an absolute necessity? Is grab or Uber a good equivalent?

Public transport is the best option. Owning a car is unnecessary and Grab and Uber are everywhere. The traffic is pretty bad. With no car its best to live close to the office. Prince Court Hospital is right in that vicinity if you check the map. Work out how far your hubby is prepared to walk and that's where you will have to live.

Hi there,

I actually have a new fully furnished serviced apartment which I’m putting out for rental. It’s located at Bangsar/Brickfields with a direct connection to the Bangsar LRT station which is just one stop away from KL Sentral.

Security and connectivity concerns is definately addressedz

You may contact me for further info 😁,


Kampung warisan is a very quite place with loads of trees. I checked few units there and the feel is like that of a holiday resort. They even have a small restaurant of their own.  its a low rise development and very convenient as Setiwangsa LRT is right opposite to it.

Downside is that there is problem of mosquitoes.  No great views. Oldish houses

It was overly quite for us, with hardly any kids and we prefer higher floors so decided not to rent here.

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