Valencia for an afternoon & evening

Hi all! In the process of moving from Tortosa to Rota, I'll be stopping in Valencia (trains, planes and buses, oh my! Tortosa is a bit of a black-hole-of-transportation, necessitating crazy travel!) for the afternoon and evening. I'll be getting an Airbnb right by Sorolla Estacion because I'll have two suitcases and don't want to mess around at 8am getting to the station.

ANYway...I've never been to Valencia and would love to get some tips or ideas on what to do and where to go. Or maybe some would like to get together in the evening for wine & tapas? Is there a nice wine/tapas bar? What about maybe a Lebanese or Syrian or Moroccan restaurant? Oh! Maybe a Greek restaurant??

I'm coming in around noon-ish on the 31st of Jan. Thanks!

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