The best apps for expats in Bahrain


We invite you to share information regarding some of the apps that have helped to facilitate your move abroad in Bahrain. This will help expats-to-be who are making the move as well.

Which apps did you use while preparing your move to Bahrain?

What apps do you use the most for your everyday life in Bahrain: whether it's for transport, managing finances, general information, learning the language of your host country, leisure activities, etc.?

How does this technology help you in your everyday life as an expat?

Which apps would you recommend to expatriates in Bahrain and why?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


The ones I use regularly are:

MOIC - Ministry of Industries & Commerce
ETraffic - Licence and registration renewal as well as fine payment
Talabat / Carriage - For food ordering
Batelco - Phone bills and payments
Instashop - Groceries
Uber / Careem - Taxis
BHVapers - For vaping needs
Shop & Ship - Ordering from amazon
HSBC - Bank account
Bahrain Cinema - Checking schedules
Zahma O La - Saudi/Bahrain causeway time estimates

its may be handyman-هاندى مان app can help you in furniture transport nanny house maid driver and so on

For classified ads, expatriates is a best option.
For weather forecast, Yahoo weather (which is important in winter season)
For latest deals and offers, exchange rates, bank timing, hospital info etc D4d online
For online purchase, Souq (Available across GCC)
For online mobile recharge and other payment services, SADAD

WhatsApp - Best app to keeping relationship
D4D - Best app to get all offers in one app..
Newshunt - To get latest news
SBI - Banking process makes easy

For latest shopping promotions & utility reach outs : D4D online

For feeding appetite : Talabat

TALABAT : food ordering
D4D Online: shopping offer
Propertyfinder: finding property
EWA. Electricity and water

For Mobile Balance information you can use theirs app. I am using Viva Bahrain App to know about my balance and recharge.
BahrainBus App : Bus Transport
BahrainTaxi & Uber : Taxi Transport
Talabat & FoodServer : food ordering
D4D : Shopping offer
expatriates : Online property finder & Second hand items
GDN online : News

The only ones not mentioned above that I use, are
Baqala for groceries. They re cheap and Lulu is their provider. Delivery is reliable too.
Al osra  has good service as well, but they are quiet pricey
Al jazira has a delivery service, but deliver in the evening only.

The entertainer is amazing if you like going out. The two for ones is available all over the GCC  and you can use them at restaurants, hotels, spas etc. We’ve saved on hotels in Dubai and Kuwait. It costs about 20 bd a year and last year I saved about 400!

I wish they paid me for that lol

While driving I use google map, and for public transport  Bahrain Bus. I hold the account is BBK and BBK pass helps me on transfers done through mobile.

BBK pass is very good authentication method for login, beneficiary maintenance and transfer, however they do not have any banking mobile application.

The ones mentioned above and these in no particular order :

Carriage - food
Hello food - food
Foodir - food
PapaJohns - pizza!
SnappCard - discounts
NovoCinemas - best cinema in Bahrain
Rotana - Nice hotel and restaurants
Privileges - Points for shopping
TogetherDeals - discounts
Air Miles ME - points for shopping
GBIExpress - liquid refreshment
BMMI Shops - more liquid refreshment
Zain Bahrain - mobile
Bahrain Taxi - Taxi
SpeedMotors - Taxi
BahrainWeather - Weather
SharafDG - Electronics
happyME - points at Carrefour
TheDomain - hotel, restaurants, spa
Zara - shopping
TimeOutBahrain - Entertainment
LeBeck Security Alerts
Electricity and Water - Bills
Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority - Culture
Shop Bahrain - Shopping
Spring of Culture - Cultural Events
PricelessArabia - Mastercard Discounts
VisaMiddleEast - Visa Discounts
Amazon - Shopping
Instagram - You can pretty much do anything these days!
XE - So you know when to send your money home ;)
Swarm/Foursquare - Reviews of restaurants and other places of interest
Google Maps - directions and reviews, but some roads are not up to date!
AnchorPointer - so you can find your car again after parking in a back alley.

Thanks for sharing. I've already installed two of them which haven't heard about.
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And what's the best app for dating accross Bahrain for serious relationship

You do realize that you are in the GCC? :)

This means that there is no OFFICIAL app "specific" to this part of world that promotes dating.  However, you can use the usual global ones like Tinder etc.

Lol.. you are funny... Thank you for your ideas

Talabat and Carriage for food delivery
Instashop and GetBaqala for groceries delivery
Uber and Careem for taxis
My bank's app
Bahrain weather
Bahrain bus - I have not used buses in ages, but I keep the app just in case
eTraffic to check on my fines
I am going to try bWallet too (an analogue of apple pay I believe)

Xadok for Grocery
Whatsapp for Messaging
D4D for latest offers

You can also use XADOK, Ramez is their providers

A few new ones:

Instashop - For groceries
Lulu - They now have their own online app and delivery service
Justclean - Laundry / dry cleaning services
Tabiib - Finding doctors and medical services
Skiplino - Booking appointments for various services e.g. Viva, immigration etc

Hi all

This is a useful post!

I use:

Entertainer - Discounts - not bad at all!
GDN online - Local News
Waseet - Local Advertisements
Talabat - Food
Carriage - Food
Google translate :)

I have never tried online groceries but I see that most of you are using those as well so will give it a try...wonder if this is as good as pick your own groceries!

I tried Tabib and it seemed dead...wonder if it up and running now...


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