Working for Canadian company in India

Hey all,

I have a job in Canada that is allowing me to work remotely in India. My plan is to move to India for at most 2 years and then come back to Canada, all while staying at my current job.

My main question is around visas - do I need a business visa or an employment visa? Or am I fine to do this all on a tourist visa?

Other questions I have
   - Taxes... what do I do?
   - Can I sign a lease on a tourist visa?
   - What do I need to open an Indian bank account?

Thanks everyone in advance for your help.

Yes , you need work visa if you like to work in govt rule you must pay income tax according indian govt. you can open account in any bank. Bank need copy of your work visa. If looking more help then inbox. We are here for help

Ok well do I need an employment visa or a business visa? I have no indian company to sponsor me so I am not sure an employment visa would work - unless there is a recommended way to get one as a remote worker? And I’m technically not doing business on behalf of my company in india either so I don’t know if a business visa is applicable. Some more information would be helpful! Heh

Yes then  you need bussiness visa .if you need visa help also we can provide you.

Come in on a tourist visa and stay for 6 months then travel to Sri Lanka or Singapore where you get cheap deals on ticket stay for a week or two and come back into india. Its visa on arrival in india for Canadian s. That would be the best. Where in india r u planning to settle. julian . Niagara

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