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Hi everyone,

I have been dreaming about moving to London for the past 3 months, and all I found is a job opportunity in Hatfield. I would like to know your opinion on the city, is it close enough to London for me to go frequently in London, is it expensive or not.. also I would like to know if there are a lot of expats living there and any other information..

Thanks a lot for your help


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Hatfield is about 20 minutes from London on the train.  With regards to costs, the Numbeo website provides this information; this link will take you there.

It's a University town, so as such, single accommodation will be plentiful, but expensive.

best of luck in your journey. :)

Hi there,

Hatfield had a population of 39,201 in 2011 so it will be slightly more now. The cost of living is a lot less than what it is in London, but compared to the UK, the South is more expensive.

There are roughly around 47 trains to London a day from Hatfield and only take 21 minutes. The train arrives at Kings Cross, London.

The best way to travel to London is:-

Off-Peak Day Travelcard £19.50
Same day return off-peak travel including unlimited bus, tube, tram and DLR journeys around London.

I hope this answers your questions.

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