Waiting time for receiving an email from migrationverket

My husband and I registered our applications for about 20 days ago.
My husband lives in Sweden and I live In iran.
I don't know how long does it take for receiving an email from migrationverket to set an appointment in embassy of Iran?
I'm so desperate

Hi, unfortunately it's impossible to even give you an approximate of how long it will take. It can go from days to months and there is truly is no rule for this. All you can do is be patient and stay positive. Best of luck!

Does anyone know how long it would take the Union to sign a job offer from an employer?

Dear All,

Today I had interview at the Sweden Embassy in New Delhi. I did mistake DoB of my reference and daughter.

Anyone give me a hint to solve it.

Hi guys. I need some help whats differents with check number and case number in work visa? And how long I wait?

The email will come, dont worry.

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