Applying for D type / B type (Long term resident card) in Belgium

Hi Everyone,

I have started my study in Belgium in 2011. My first card issued in December 2011. I also got some hosting agreement during my Ph.D. where I paid taxes for it( In general, Ph.D. salaries are tax excluded in Belgium but for some contracts, you may pay tax)
Anyway, from 2016 I have started working and I need a work permit and ID card A to live.
Now, I have counted my official stay here:  (including the time I stayed as a student and as it's said, I halved this time, so it was 28 months as a student and I counted it 14 months). The rest, I had 43 months residency as a worker: in total 14+43=57 months. In between, there were some transitions between "student status" and "worker status with hosting agreement" and vice versa. However, since the middle of 2015, my status has remained as a worker.  Now I have a question about applying for card type D:

1- Am I officially eligible to apply for it? Or I should wait until I reach 60 tax paid months?
2- The commune doesn't give any information if I can apply or not and if my calculation is right, but can I apply or first I should convince them to let me apply?
3- Which one is better to apply type D or Type B?
4- During the last six years, there were some gaps on my cards (not on my request times). For example, in May 2013, I applied for new card two weeks before the expiration date of my ID card and I received the confirmation one month after the expiration. I wonder if it's an issue? It was not my fault and was related to the long procedure took in the immigration service.

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