What to do next

Hi everyone.
I am british citizen just moved to france with my 4 yrs old daughter and my algerian husband ( he s on schengen visa under directive for 30 days) . Iam also 23 weeks pragnant.
I want to ask how do i register with doctor here!   I know i have to start paying health insurance ....  But dont know what i should do exactly. As i want to sort everything before the time of the birth.  To get help with costs.  Also how do i register my daughter in school ? 
Now we r staying in a freinds' house.  Do we have to show an official address that we r renting at any point now?! . 
And also as we r trying to settle here how my husband can get residence here?!  What we should do? 
Any other information plz tell me. 
Thanks everyone


What do you mean "to get help with costs" ?


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