my name is Tony Joshua sanna
I'm a fashion designer .dressmaker living here in Shanghai 4 years. I'm looking for headhunters in fashion as I have just finished a big protect with gap China  designing there new fall collection 2017/18 .I'm looking for a full or part time job in teaching fashion design and dressmakeing .I do have a small studio in pudong where I make my sample and my collections. plus I do private sewing classes to .but as I'm not very well known here yet I could do with a little help if you could send me any information I would be very grateful
I'll leave my contact here for you
thank you for your time
kind regards
Tony Joshua sanna

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Hello Tony Joshua sanna

You would be best served to place an advertisement in the classified section, instead of the forum section. It is more directly targeted to your needs.  Best of luck in your future business on this eve of a dog year.

thankyou  for your reply
where do I find that page ?

Click in the menu above and hit Handy Tools / Classifieds.

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