4g wifi router

I am looking at picking up a 4g wifi router. It's a small wifi device which can cannot up to 5 or more devices and it fits perfectly in your pocket. I see most hotel vehicles in dar es salaam have got one and it's quite good.

My question is can anyone advise which one has a fast wifi speed, more economical, reliable with very good reviews and possibly where to them one in dar es salaam. An idea of the cost will help as well.


Go to any closer vodacom shop they have offer for 135,000Tshs
Sharing limit 10 people
It's portable
Transimission WiFi

With offer

Data 10GB

135k is alot. I understand zantel has a deal for 75k for a 4g wifi and 5GB for one month which I think is a better deal than vodacom. I guess I'll have to check zantel later today and see for myself

OK cool.

Just to give everyone an update on the router. I managed to get one from Zantel 4g with a 5GB promo at 75k TSH and subsequently you can top up the data as you wish. They have the 1GB monthly 10,000 tsh or weekly for a cheaper price

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