Moving to Oman from UAE

Dear Fellow members,

I have a case here regarding moving to OMAN from UAE.

Currently I am employed in Abu Dhabi as Electrical Engineer in MNC company.
the company decide to promote me but I have to relocate to Oman as the business is growing there and need appointed person. my situation is

1. I am indonesian, holding Indonesian passport with Valid employment visa in UAE for up to 2019 still

2. I have B.Eng. Degree from University of Sunderland (United Kingdom). it was attested in Qatar and UAE (UAE embassy UK)
3. I have a wife and a child. both can do on arrival visa to Oman.
4. upon coming to UAE, I have done GAMCA medical test

before accepting the offer, I would like to know the following.
1. Where will I attest my certificate
2. as Indonesian passport holder, do I have to do medical in GAMCA again?
3. how long will it take for my current situation, to get Labour card and Residence visa.

very much appreciated for the answers.

warm regards,


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