Work Visa Issue

Aloha! I have a partnership based NZ work visa good from September 2017 thru early September 2018. Unfortunately, I had to return to the states back in November to help care for my mom and to work. I was out of funds and hadn’t been able to find a steady job in the two months I was back in NZ.

My question I eligible for another work visa once this one expires?  I may not be able to return for several more months and I don’t know that I would be able to secure employment with just a few months remaining on my current work visa. If I do get back before my current visa expires and can find employment, is there a work visa I can apply for then? I have been told by someone close to me that this partnership based work visa is a “one of” type and that I can’t get another one.

So confused,


Amy, I suggest you write to NZ Immigration and find out they should also point you toward this information rule on their website just in case you cannot find it as them how you should navigate towards this information on their website. Its better to have this information in writing from NZ Immigration then me or someone else telling you what is right.  It will give you peace of mind.

Thank you. I emailed them about two weeks ago. Still waiting on their reply. Usually they have responded quickly. Guess they are just bogged down.

Follow up with an email or telephone call. good luck.

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