Moving to Puerto Plata

Hey guys my office is relocating me to Puerto Plata in the next few weeks. To my understanding they are covering my rent so cost is not entirely my concern although I am still looking for reasonable rent >$1000/month just in case. My priority would be safety & security, I am Dominican myself with an ok but not perfect understanding of the Spanish language . What are the best resources for finding condos,apartments, even houses if possible for rent? Most of the sites I have found are not very helpful or only offer vacation/short term rentals I am looking for 6 - 12 month rentals. Any info is greatly appreciated thanks!

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The best way to find a place in Puerto Plata is to drive around or walk around!  Your budget is  more than enough.

Tell me what you are looking for, maybe I can help.  Where will you work? Will you have transportation? do you need it to be furnished or will you buy furniture?

Let me add my welcome.  Yes boots on the ground is the best way.  Do you need to be in Puerto Plata proper or can you live outside of the "city"
Bob K

Not sure if you moved yet but i just found a rental on Sunday in Puerto Plata for 6 months in a very very secure area for $400 per month.  Brand new facility with everything.  The other apartments in that same complex run about 1100 but you can bargain with the landlord.  A quiet peaceful area known as costambar.  Its got that guard at the gate entry type security as well as security within the community. There are several rentals there.  Also when i get home i can pm you this info and another very secure upgraded place for $450 - $480 outside of costambar.  Let me know if you want this info.

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