Work permit processing method in Wallonia

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I am Naveen, currently residing in Belgium and been employed in flanders under Work permit B. I was looking for a job change. I secured a job from a prospective employer located in Wallonia, who had verbally confirmed to hire me. Since I am a Non EU national, they had to process new work permit B. Its been almost a month since they have promised me a job. The employer states that they are in touch with the minister (ministry) to get the list of documents to be produced in order to hire me. Since I am the first Non EU national who has been offered a job in that company, they are still unclear about the process. The questions are the following:

1. Has anyone been employed by a company in Wallonia, if so please share your experience on how the processing of work permit B works there.

2. I know the general time to process a work permit is 3 weeks. However, its been close to 2 weeks since my prospective employer has asked for the list of documents to be produced in order to hire me. However, there is no reply from the ministry yet. If anyone has been in a similar position please share your experience regarding this timeline.

3. Since I am already working on a work permit B, will this timeline be longer/shorter ? Will the new employer need a new work permit altogether or the present work permit can be changed.

PS: the job is only verbally confirmed, the employer says they will give me a contract only after the ministry approves of hiring me.

Any leeds will be very helpful.

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1. No direct experience, but the process is pretty much same. Employer makes an application to the labor ministry for work permit B. Employer may need supporting documents from you (medical certificate, educational records, etc) that they will ask. Almost everything is in this website: … avail.html

2. Three weeks is from the date of application. At the moment your employer is gathering information on the application process itself. Ministry responds to such queries at their convenience. I dont know if there is a committed timeline for a response from them.

3. Timelines are going to be the same.

Dear Aneesh,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I guess things happen slowly in Belgium.



Hi Naveen,

Do you have any update on this topic? Regarding the WP processing time?


Hi Arun,

No, unfortunately I do not have any update on this topic.

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