New in Warsaw

Dear All,

My husband has moved to Poland few months ago.  He is trying to settle down in Warsaw. We have two children.
As we all know that the beginnings are always the most difficult , he is trying his best to start a new life here.
Currently he is looking for a job or partners in business and also for new friends.
He is interested in exporting of Polish products ( and not only) to African markets. He is experienced in export-import businesses.

He has started learning Polish as well. Maybe you could recommend a good Polish school to improve the language :)

He speaks English, Greek and Igbo.

Hope that he will find here new friends and job opportunities.


Hi Aga and welcome on board.

Perhaps you could contact the professionals recommended in the business directory here : Language institutions in Warsaw and request your husband to drop a detailed ad in the Jobs in Warsaw section. He might get an opportunity.

All the very best,

hi Aga,

hope you are doing well.
welcome you & your family in Warsaw, tell me what is you husband professional,
my company needs employees;


I  am new this place. Would like to meet  your husband  in warsaw.

Best regards
Rajesh Sharma.

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