Visit Visa processing through ETIMAD

For Visit Visa Processing through Etimad Pakistan (Mother & Sister).

anyone processed recently? what are the requirement? Proof of relationship required?

as per estimated website :

For all aqamas which do not have an expiry date on them and instead have an issue date, must be accompanied by a Jawazat print which alternatively shows the expiry of the person's aqama.

Any Help?

I assume you want answer for bold text.

There is not expiry mentioned in Iqama. All you have to do is; login into absher (MOI) portal. go to you iqama detail page, take a screenshot and send it to your family in Pakistan. They will take its print and will keep it with them alongwith other documents.

Thank you mubashire

"proof of relationship" also included in requirements, in case of mother & Sister what documents need to submit?

In case of wife, you need proof of relationship..
In case of mother, you do not need .

Thanks Again,
What about Attach the vaccination card for Polio & MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella).


yes, these formalities shall be attached but nobody cares about polio card.

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