I went on exit and came with new visa to Saudi Arabia on October 2017.When my sponsor applied for iqama, the jawazat system says my finger print is not registered,I checked with Jawasat but they said the finger print is enrolled already,but unfortunately the same issue exists when we tried again to get the iqama (the system says finger print not available only my photo available).

But the issue got solved and I got my iqama number after 2.5 months.

When you check your status in MOI using your border number it will show that you are on job and facility status of your company, permits issued etc.,., but you will never get to know your Iqama card has been delivered. Unfortunately there is no other online way to know about your Iqama number personally.

Please contact your sponsor for the updates and support.

contact any of the Jawasat branch nearby to clear the issue.

If it exists, I prefer you to take your sponsor to Saudi Jawasat in Riyadh.I did this way and almost my issue got solved.

Some related issue to this i have also but i got iqama on time and i am also came on new visa after exit. But get iqama within week.

after i get iqama activate absher by phone banking because my fingerprint in absher kiosk machine is showing invalid.
Where as i checked in moi after activating through bank its showing enrolled updated.

But i want to ask is this make any big trouble for me at airport because i am going vacation emergency for 10 days.
Whereas in moi showing fingerprint enrollment updated. But absher self machine didnt find my match even i cant purchase sim due to they also didnt find my match.

I also go with my saudi kafeel to jawazat they said it will solve on arrival airport so i go dammam where from i came and their after discussion with my saudi they take whole hand four finger together fingerprint for 3 time each hand. And thumbs together 3 time.  And airpirt guy said now we have updated again at your iqama now go to jawazat but when i go to jawazt dammam again they still didnt find my match again.

My husband have the same issue.his visa is going to finish.what will do??

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