Welcome message, hi :)

Hi all,

Mary here, just found this great site. From Australian, stay at home mum of two kids and looking to set up a small export company here.


Hello Mary, welcome aboard  :) Please do not hesitate to message if you have any questions!

Thanks for the welcome Arvarit, looking for info on PTT charges for sending orders overseas. How can I find out? thanks again (yes going through the forum searching crazily!)

Ah, but the charges differ depending on the size and weight of the package. I had sent a package about 20x35 cm to Australia for about 80 TL.

Do you understand Turkish at all?  I found a link on PTT's website for estimating the price depending on the country/size/weight.

Yep I saw that - I was curious though, I need to add this to a website (complete beginner here), so how do I add a button to a website and give an approximate amount for shipping?

thank you

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