buying studio in sunny beach bulgaria

i i have just going last night and the link for new members did not work, im retired now and have sent deposit for a studio in sunny beach, the problem is i cant get a flight over to sign for it, do i need a solicitor to do this or can someone else do it for me thanks Brenda x

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Since you have sent a deposit, then most likely you have a purchase contract. So signing is not obligatory or at least no immediately. It also depends on what you have to sign.

In some cases you san sign a scanned documet and send it back. In others, probably a solicitor will be able to sign for you.

yes it was scanned and i signed it by email back to them, i have a bulgarian solicitor now as i could not come over to bulgaria as live in scotland and there are no flights

sorry did not say i have to sign for studio on the 19th february

hi bmartin 64      yes you will need a solicitor   and notary while you buy property in Bulgaria   if you need help in this area  I know  a solicitor in burgas [sunny beach]  qwho can do all nesasary for you       trust worthy  and wont cost you a packet      she can do any legal work for you      like registration of your car   getting citizen permits   starting business     everthing needs triple rubber stamp here   its a minefield     reply to me if I can help   thanks   william

Thanks for replying William, yes i got a solicitor after reading all the posts on the forum, her name is Komita Kudeva she is a friend of a friend she is charging 400 euros can you tell me what else i have to pay for ? the agent has no commission and i know i have to pay the maintance but is there any thing else thanks Brenda

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