Just registered! Willing to help web developers

Hello everyone!

Just registered to this awesome forum, my name is Adrian and I am 100% Maltese breed living in Malta  :D

If anyone is looking for web or software developer jobs to move to Malta let me know, I might be able to help you out.

P.S. I am not a recruiter or representing an recruitment agency :)

Hi Adrian,

Welcome to Expat.com

Perhaps you could tell us more. How can you help expats looking for jobs in web and software development if you're not a recruiter ?

Thank you


Hi Christopher,

Yeah good point... sorry for that.
I am a developer my self and I have built a website which connects developer roles available directly with the employers. No recruitment agencies in the middle.

I thought it might be help full for developers looking to move to Malta and find a job in this industry.

It's completely free to apply and no fees or commission will be taken from any party :)
I have built it to make it easier to find web or software developer jobs in Malta.

Hope it helps :)

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