Looking for Room/House Available to Rent

Currently I'm working as a graphic designer. I'm looking for room if possible house with 1 room to rent. My budget is within RM600 and nearby to lrt stations for me to travel.

Is there any available out there? I'm seeking advice as well on this matter. So any advice out there I will gladly hear you out.

There are some rooms advertised in the "Housing" section at the top of the webpage. Otherwise a good source is www.ibilik.my and www.mudah.my

Thanks! Will have a check out on that.

You can create account on http://www.ibilik.my/  in search type select  the place which you intend to stay it will be all list properties for rental.

Also you can search in www.mudah.my for rental .

An area that has rooms in houses is Bandar Utama - http://www.ibilik.my/rooms/bandar_utama


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