Soon to be college grad trying to move

Hi! My name is Gabrielle and I am graduating from the University of Southern California this upcoming May with a B.A. in Public Relations.  I am interested in trying to move to Copenhagen after school, but am a little unsure how the visa process works. I understand that you need a Job offer beforehand, but was wondering if anyone has been through this situation that ended up successful?

While I would love to work in PR right out of school, I do not need to have an industry-specific job.

Any and all advice would be very appreciated!

Thank you!

You find the requirements on this site:

Never say never, but in Denmark you shall not expect to get a job with a Bachelor's degree. You've got to have at least a Master's degree. And further, you don't speak Danish.

Hoever, take a look at the job sites. If any, relevant job ads will be  written in English so it's OK to search in English. … directed=1


I highly recommend that you apply for international internships with companies like P&G, Coty, LVMH, etc. Internships with companies like these can definitely lead to an actual job overseas.

For anyone else reading this, internships are not just given to randoms. You definitely need to have a college degree. At minimum a Bachelors degree. 

Keep in mind that if it was so easy to move to another country, EVERYONE would be doing it. It is not as easy as saying "I want to do it. Who can hire me?" It isn't something handed to you. You definitely have to put in the research and work to make it happen.

In order for a company in a foreign country to sponsor your work visa, they need to be able to prove that you are more qualified than anyone within the country that you are applying for.

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