Need legal advice. I am blacklisted in saudi.

I had a case 2 years ago and beacuse my agency faked my documents and i was accused of falsification of documents. I as given final verdict from the court to pay 1k sr within 1 month. I dont know if my employer already paid the fine which will be deducted to my bonus. My contract will end this april 2018. I just asked my employer for final exit but he said that my name is still blacklisted meaning I cant go home to the philippines. But my friend said that if I am blacklisted I can still go home however i cant come back to saudi arabia.

My question is. If i am blacklisted can I have final exit and go home or i am not allowed to leave saudi?

Not coming back to saudi arabia is ok. I just want to know if I am allowed for a final exit and leave.

Contact your Embassy.

Yeah i tried that ever since the case started but i have never received any help. They give excuses everytime I ask. That's why i lost  trust they will ever give me help.

stumpy wrote:

Contact your Embassy.

That's always good advice but there's probably not much they can do as the OP falsified documents and didn't so much as check if the fine had been paid, expecting someone to pay it for them.
It's also very possible the embassy isn't inclined to help someone who committed crimes with intent to deceive and commit immigration offences.

My employer said that he will use my suppose to be bonus to pay for the fine. The problem is i dont know if he already paid. I dont know how to check if he did pay already. I tried asking countless times his reply would always only be "just wait" it has been 3 months after the final verdict of the court but still no update.

It's very common among employers here to hold employees down from leaving using police cases which are likely not true.

There should be a way to ascertain if his supposed claims are true checking from an online source.

My employer is actually blackmailing me now. He said that if i were to renew my contract he would fix my problem immediately. If only there was a way for me to know wether or not he paid the fine.

Exactly, he wants you to continue working with him. There may be no problem in the first place. Likely a threat

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