S Pass rejected, is there any solution?

Dear All, especially to Beppi and Surya (because I saw in some thread, both of you really helpful!)
My S Pass has been rejected a week ago.
My employer already try to asked MoM officer, but they didn't mention any reason why my pass has rejected. And some alternatives came out from my employer to MoM officer, but they said there's nothing changes the result in the end.
My background are :
1. This pass purposes is for my international assignment in Spore for one year.
2. Salary is combining host and home country with total SGD 3800. SAT tools showed I am eligable for SPass Only, because of salary I think?
3.  Almost 3 years experiences, not linear but still in one department.
4. My company is big MNC

1. Is it normal that the reason of rejected because I am not eligible for a work pass. Please find another candidate? What does it means?
2. If MoM didn't mention reason of my rejection, can we do an appeal?
3. Is it because my employer applied SPass instead of EP? Is there any possibility by increasing the salary then apply for EP?
4. Is there any backfire to employee and employer if do appeal but the result is still being rejected?

Thank you really need your suggestions

Sorry to hear your case. Most of your questions you can find our responses provided in several threads. Don’t include your salary at your home country, that’s nothing to do with MoM. MoM only consider how much is your fixed monthly salary in Singapore.

MoM doesn’t have any obligation to inform the employer about the reason of rejection. If MoM has mentioned that you are not eligible to work here and employer should try to find another candidate then it means you are not eligible to work in their company.

Appealing on pass rejection is common. However, you need to provide additional documents or certificates or strong rational why employer wants you to come here for one year. If MoM satisfies the above response then they will accept and approve or else appealing without any additional information is fruitless. I don’t think you are eligible to apply EP, with 3 years experiences, you could have offered much higher salary. No worries if your appeal is rejected, MoM won’t do any backfire to employer on appeal.

Hi Surya,
thanks for the feedback.
If employer only put host country salary, thus it will be less than SGD 3800? is it possible the rejection due to this low salary?
What I got in another thread, if the statement of MoM rejection "I am not eligible, please find another candidate" this is automaticly generated as rejection reason in the system, no matter what the real reason of rejection, doesn't it?
Any suggestion to me what should I do Surya? How the best practices to do appeal for this short term assignment?
Thank you.

It could be a system generated statement (they have 4 to 5 auto generated statements) but what it means is that employer should find other candidate (indirectly MoM says hire a local instead). I don’t know your offered salary in Singapore (You said $3,800 is including your salary back home), but for S pass it looks ok if your salary is around $3500 (excluding salary you are earning back home). If it falls below $3,500 then it’s below market standard and could be a reason for rejection. Employer may consider to increase your salary with justification as MoM needs a valid rational). There is nothing much you can do here other than appealing with additional information. Good luck

zee88 :

What I got in another thread, if the statement of MoM rejection "I am not eligible, please find another candidate" this is automaticly generated as rejection reason in the system, no matter what the real reason of rejection, doesn't it?

Until a year or two ago, this phrase used to mean that the applicant has a black mark in his profile with MoM and won't get a work pass no matter what they do (a.k.a. MoM's "kiss of death").
But since then the phrase seems to be used in other cases, like hwat Surya described above. But in any case it usually means the problem is with the job seeker, not the employer.

zee88 :

If employer only put host country salary, thus it will be less than SGD 3800? is it possible the rejection due to this low salary?

Only Singapore base salary is counted, as Surya said. With a university degree and three years experience, S$3800/month might be at the lower end of what is acceptable.

Hi Surya and Beppi,
meaning I am blacklisted in MoM's eyes? So sad to hear that one, even I didn't know what wrong with me on this case.
If we didn't put home basic country salary in the application meaning my salary will be less than SGD 3000. Anw, I got housing allowance, but employer pay directly to landlord, means we can not add this allowance into my monthly basic salary in application? Or do we need to put this one?
Thank you guys

You are not blacklisted, what we are trying to say is that MoM telling your employer to hire someone else other than you (indirectly, saying to hire a local). You can’t include any other claims or allowances into your salary. MoM has said it clearly that your fixed salary ( or basic salary), which must have written in your employment letter will be considered only.

Ok Surya, thanks.
One thing that still around my mind regarding housing allowance.
Because what I read from MoM website, according to http://www.mom.gov.sg/faq/employment-pa … hly-salary
Fixed monthly salary = basic monthly salary + fixed monthly allowances.
Where fixed monthly allowances is such as fixed food and housing allowances.
Do I need to put my housing allowance into application? With a note that housing allowance will be paid directly from employer to landlord.

You should read your employment letter whether it has stated clearly that you will be getting fixed salary plus fixed housing allowance (it should be written both amount very clearly). Anything is fixed and pay with your monthly salary (not separately) should be included. And, your employer should know this well and they should mention correct amount while applying (if they didn’t then should appeal and mention it correctly), let’s MoM review and provide their consent. Good luck

In most cases, housing allowance is stated as „actal rental cost up to ...“ in an employment contract. That would not be counted as fixed, as the actual cost is not fixed or known. Also, if it‘s paid directly to the landlord, it is not counted.
If your employer is flexible, they could change it to a fixed amount paid to you - and you take care of the rent yourself.

Thanks Surya and Beppi,
You are really nice.
Last thing before I will discuss further with my employer:
If basically, I will get housing allowance, what is the different in MoM's prespective and decision if these allowance counted as monthly fix salary and compare with not counted as monthly fix salary?
Is there any probability on different result?
I think type of pass eligible in SAT will be different.

Basically, the money they give you for rent must be a fixed component of your salary and written in the employment contract (e.g. "In addition to the base salary, Mr. X will also receive S$YYY per month as rental allowance") - or they just increase the base salary, which amounts to the same in the end.
But before they do any of these, they should contact MoM to check whether a higher salary could really change the decision of rejecting your pass.

Hi Beppi and Surya,
My S pass got rejected yesterday. The company submitted my S pass application on 11/10/2018. I studied here for 5 years, both diploma and degree from a private institution. My final year result was out only in mid August so the school only provided certificate of completion. But MOM asked for degree certificate but It will only be available in January so I requested school to write a letter of certification and the company sent it to MOM. Is it true that MOM stated reasons of rejection to the company? Because my other international friends got approved with certificate of completion. For S pass, is the company still required to advertise the job on Jobsbank for two weeks? Because it says for EP when I researched online. The position is Business Development Executive and I applied it on the same day it posted on other job site( not Jobsbank)  and I submitted S pass application on the 14th day after the job post!
Is it likely to get approved if I submit appeal? May I know how long it takes and can you tell me the possible reasons my Spass got rejected, because of me or my employer? Thank you !! Looking forward to your kind replies.

It is not possible, from the limited information you gave, to deduce your chances or what would heppen after an appeal.
You can read some of the many discussions already present on this forum top find out what are the possible reasons for S-Pass rejection and what (if anything) can be done to overcome them.
Good luck!

Good day,

I just finished my diploma in IT here in singapore  last month and I applied for Job and I got accepted and my salary is 2400 pero month, they told me I am not eligible for spass or ep so they are trying to get me a work permit. I am so worried. How many chances that my work permit will be approved?

Thank you.

WP is a differen category altogether and meant for lowly educated manual labour. There are various restrictions coming with it, which you might not like: For example, you must live in employer-provided mass housing (usually several people per room in suburban dormitories) and you cannot easily marry a Singaporean later on (ex-WP-holders need MoM‘s permission for this).
I think it is better you look for another employer!

Hello Beppi,

First of all thank you for replying, Actually I don’t mind getting a work permit as long as I will have the same a Job and salary offer. As mentioned regarding the housing? What if I have my whole family here actually I am staying with them here in singapore that is why I wanted to work here also. Can the employer let the MoM know about that? It might help? Regarding the Approval? How tough is it. I think its hard to find a new employer as I have only IT diploma with no experience.

Thank you.

WP holders are not allowed to bring (or stay with) family members.
I seriously suggest WP is not the right pass for you!

Dear Beppi,

Okay thank you for that information. I will try to look for Job again. I have been applying for like 500 plus in Jobstreet and other sites since nov. this is the only Job I got and this is the situation. Anyway, Thanks a lot. You’ve been very helpful.

Thank you

If this bad job was the only feedback from over 500 job applications, you are probably doing something wrong. Try to have your job search strategy, CV and cover letters checked by a professional consultant!

Agreed with Beppi, WPP is for blue collar jobs not for your profession.

Not sure how many years of experiences do you have. With a diploma certificate, it’s not that easy to get a lucrative job in Singapore, where everyday, hundreds or thousands of IT degree holders from overseas with experiences are banging the door, it will be tougher to get a decent job. Without experiences or with 1yr exp, if you get a job, then MoM S pass approval process will be another hindrance come in your way.

Suggestions from my end, if you don’t get a job here then try to get some experiences in your home country or any where else for few years before trying again. Same time enhance your skills and update your CV with additional certificates as per the market demand which will benefit in long run. Good luck

Dear Beppi and Surya,

This is me asking about the work permit. Anyway.

I would like to ask for your opinion.

This is the scenario.

I just finished my diploma last Nov, after finishing my diploma I started to find and apply for Jobs. Luckily I got accepted as a Support Analyst, Application Development so basically I am on IT field, One morning I got an email from my employer that I am not eligible for spass or ep so they will try to get me a work permit, unfortunately my work permit got rejected. That is the time I decided to just go back to school and continue with advanced diploma, but my student pass got cancelled already cause I really taught I will be approved by MoM. So what happens is My school applied for student pass again for me today. Then suddenly I also got an email from my employer that they will write an appeal to MoM.

My question is will I have any problem with the application of my student pass? If the employer made an appeal for my work permit at the same time?

Don’t spam by posting same message three times.

Coming back to your query, if you read various threads you should come to know that work permit holders are basically doing blue collar jobs, certainly not in IT field. So, your employer may appeal but it will be rejected as the segment of your job does not falls into work permit passes.

Your salary with certificate confirms that you are eligible for S pass. So, they should appeal on your S pass rejection not for work permit.

Student pass is going to approve by ICA where as MoM approves work passes in various job categories. Both are two separate Govt institutions, so it won’t affect your work pass application. Good luck

Dear Surya,

First of all, I would like to apologize for posting multiple times. I had problem posting it so I thought my post did not went through. Anyway, yes I read everything and also I tried looking up online and that is why I just decided to study again. Maybe after finishing degree in IT I might have more opportunities. My final decision is to just continue to advanced diploma then all the way to degree not to wait for the appeal that we all know its impossible. I dont even know how they will do it.

Thank you.

Dear Everyone,

I want to ask something regarding a rejected work pass.

Here is the situation. So since I was rejected with wotk pass I decided to just continue to degree and maybe next year after I graduate I will try to apply again and maybe a higher education qualifications may give me bigger chance in working here.

My query is..

Does rejection results will be on MoM records forever? I mean will it affect my application in the future application if ever?

Yes, the rejection will remain in your records until MoM decides otherwise.
But this will only affect future applications if the same problem occurs there, too.

Dear Beppi,

Noted and thank you for your reply. Just to make sure. Can it affect like to the point that It can be one of the reason for rejection AGAIN in the Future?

Thank you

As I said: If the same reason for rejection is present in future applications, you will be rejected again. Since you did not mention the reason, I cannot comment further.

Dear All (Dear Beppi & Surya),

I'm Shivang Agrawal, Engineer in Mumbai Metro Having a total of 5 years of construction experience completed my Bachelor in Engineering in Civil Engineering in 2013.

2 different companies in Singapore applied (S Pass) for me a total 4 times (2 times each) and all the time the result is the same ie: REJECTED.
Details are as per below:

1) They have applied using my Post Graduation Diploma as the highest qualification but they mention it under the Master's Section which was wrong. MOM ask to attach any supporting document, I got one from my university which was not appropriate hence they rejected with Rejection advisory - Qualification is objectionable.

2) Another employer applied for me using my B.E. certificate but probably they used a different name of the university (older one) than mentioned in my original certificate. this time Rejection Advisory was - One or more of your candidate's educational certificates are questionable.

3) Again applied by the same employer but again rejected. (this time I don't know the rejection advisory)

4) After more than 6 months of waiting, I approached my first employer to apply for me. This time I authenticated my degree with DATA FLOW service provider who is valid authenticator with MOM. I have submitted my degree, all semester makrsheets, DATA Flow Authentication Certificate but again result is same with advisory - We have an adverse record with your candidate, try another one.

Now after all this I'm unable to know what is an exact problem with me and How can I correct them.
Will MOM never consider me ever to get an S-Pass?
My salary was SGD3000.
I had 4 years of experience during my first application and 5 years of experience during the last application.
One of my friends was also there with the same experience, salary, and employer whose IPA approved within 15 days but mine got rejected.

Please suggest me what to do.


Adverse record could be anything including misinformation provided earlier.

Secondly, with graduation and 5yrs experiences (no matter in which field you are into), $3k is below par the market standard in Singapore.

Here, fresh graduates are getting offered of $3k.

Worst part is due to the salary cap, you are not even eligible to apply EP. In general term, the offered salary is not the market standard for a graduate who is having 5yrs of experiences.

You need to approach correctly along correct information provide to MoM. Good luck

You messed things up by providing conflicting information in the various applications. Thus the adverse record.
If you ever want to be considered again, contact MoM to clear things up, explain the correct facts and submit complete documents without errors.
And then the offered salary is too low. You should be in the S$4000-5000/month range to be eligible. Did you try the SAT tool?

Mr. Beppi,
yes, I agree I messed up but what is the solution of that,
how to contact MOM.

Whenever I tried to contact them they simply reply "ask your employer to contact us".

can you share any option (email/phone no.) through which I can contact them.....
I even once went to MOM when I was there but they Simply reply with the same...
I have tried the SAT and qualify on that.

Is there any way to clear up my records?
Should I go with new passport ?


Mr. Surya,
Thanks for the information,

yes, I agree I provided misinformation but now Is there any solution to rectify that?
Will MOM listen to me?
Should I go with a new highest Qualification?
Should I go with a fresh passport?
Should I go with an appeal?

I even have a new opportunity with $4000/month but due to this pass Issue, I can't apply.
I have tried earlier the SAT with my experience and salary and qualify on the same.


The contact details are on MoM‘s webpage. But if they will not talk to you, we can‘t help you either.
Why do you think a new passport or another certificate helps?

Mr. Beppi,

Yes, contact details are there in the MOM website but on that mail Id it always replies like "ask your employer to contact us".

Sorry, I don't have any knowledge about this pass and all, I just thought that a fresh passport might make a whole new situation for me as they track any ID using passport no.
A new passport can give me a fresh chance to apply for the same with a rectified application.
Will it work?


MoM has all your history (personal data, applications, etc.) in their database, easily accessible and sorted by your FIN (Foreigner Identification Number), which was issued with your first work pass application and stays with you for life (you should ask your employer for it and remember to give it on your next application to make MoM‘s work easier).
A new passport does not change anything there.

Ok, thank you so much for your advice.

Hi Surya!
I have been working in Singapore for almost 6 yrs and Im holding a spass. My pass was rejected today and I dont understand why since Ive been entitle for spass permit. Any suggestions regarding this? Thank you 😭

NerissaBu :

Ive been entitle for spass permit.

Apparently MoM thinks otherwise - and they have the last word on this!
Your employer can appeal, if they know and can address the rejection reason.
But with so little information in your post, we can't even speculate what the reasonmight bes.
You can read related threads on this forum to find out what rejection reasons are common.

The pass approval criteria has been strengthened recently which includes salary cap level. Potentially, there could be several factors why a pass gets rejected. You may reach out your employer to assess your application and figure out what could be the reason it got rejected. Then, address the issue before appealing your case. Good luck

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