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I want to put up a house in Maharagama in my 30 perches land. 4 bed rooms, one pantry, one small kitchen , 3 bathrooms , living and dinning and a carport. What will be the square foot rate?


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Basic 3500/-
Semi luxury 5000/-
Luxury 6000/-
Super luxury 7500)-

The rates based on Square feet
Price not included swimming pool
Footin and raft found for G + 1


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Need to see the surveyor plan, orientation of the land, whether upgradable in future, nature of Earth, water level under the earth, luxury, semi luxury, wooden frame or upvc. Flooring materials, ceiling materials, sanitary ware brand

Without knowing the basic description, it is very difficult to quote and  leads to lot of suspicion and misunderstanding

Usually basic  will estimated a cost 3500 per square ft.
Luxury 7500 to 10,000 subject to boq

can i have your contact number, we need to have more details to give you a better pricing

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