Money Transfer from India to abroad

Hello everyone,

Why too much trouble while transferring money from India to abroad? Lot of things make us in trouble and in hardship. Someone please could help me about it because money also deducted from account but money was not transfer. This is ridiculous fact that I have to face in India. Yes incredible India!

Transfer money only through banks. Meet the branch manager and discuss it in detail. Preferably, route the money through private banks.

Because India is largely colonized as followers of Western banking, it doesn't mind stepping on its own d*.  See, Hindūs have been seen as peacefools by its enemies, meaning that "all religions are the same", and too accommodating of its enemies within its own borders.  If Hindūs were very strong and uncompromising on right thinking/right action, no one would dare do wrong things in front of Indians because the results from doing so would be CATASTROPHIC, even if you are doing the deed from halfway around the world.

I don't know if this is going to change anytime soon to better accommodate people who really want to live here via a spiritual life.  I'm trying to but it's getting VERY HARD to do so.  I just found out that after all, if you get a bank account, it can be only an NRO FN (foreign national), and you can't even have fixed deposits.  You have to close the account or it will be deactivated by the bank (I have NO IDEA what this means and the consequences of it being deactivated).

And note the $5,000 cash limit or $10,000 instrument limit (coins, notes, and things of value, maybe including financial instruments).

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