Performing Arts scene in Copenhagen

Hi Everyone,

You opened this forum so I assume you know of some pretty cool venues for performing arts. I am from New York City and love Immersive Theater and other cool secret artistic performing arts events (NYC has a lot of this). I'm not trying to compare Copenhagen to NYC, I just want to know if there is anything like this in Copenhagen. If there is then that's great! Please share!

Even if you know of cool performing arts events and immersive theater in other parts of Europe and the UK. Willing to travel to experience some unique events. Fingers crossed for some good finds in Copenhagen though!

NYC "You Are So Lucky"
London "Alice Underground"
London "The Vaults Festival"
NYC "Sleep No More"
NYC "Then She Fell"

^ Looking for these types of events and shows

Found this for those of you that are also looking for cool performing arts things in Copenhagen

Also found this but it ended already

This seems great and is happening in the summer

Anyone else find anything?

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