Feedback on moving to Mauritius from South africa

Hi Fellow South Africans

I would like to find out if you are happy with your decision to move from South Africa to Mauritius ?

We are a family of three (7 month old baby) aged 30 that are looking to relocate there

Any suggestions on areas ? Or any advice ?

Thank you !!

Hi Leande

We are from SA and shall be moving to MRU next year (still a while away) but we have done a lot of homework and investigations wrt cost of living, education, accommodation, medical, etc.  We have concluded that it will be for the best for our family.  However our kids are older (will be 8 and 14 when we get there) so our investigations and needs will be different to yours.  Sorry if it's not very helpful but if you have specific questions post them and I am sure you'll get a lot of useful feedback from this forum.

Thank you Vivvz

I have a few questions really.

For starters we are thinking about this move because of our baby and his future and if we possibly have more children.

We want a good lifestyle for our child and I am wondering firstly for the people whom have moved do you find your child has a better lifestyle than South Africa?

How do you find the schooling ?

Do you find after living there a few years you miss the hustle and bustle of South Africa or do you prefer the island living?

We love Mauritius we go every year for about a month, but that’s just a holiday - living there and going on holiday is two different things.

Do you feel isolated ? Missing South Africa?

I’d like to know pros and cons that you’ve experienced

We going again now in February 2018 and Wil go to Tamarin and Black river to get a feel for it as we always stay in Grand baie


Thank you Charlene Chetty that was such great feedback I really appreciate your honesty 🙏🏻 I may look you up in Mauritius when I’m there on holiday if you don’t mind

All the best to you too

Leande 🙂

Well said , we have almost been here a year also and exactly how it had been for us .

Hi Charlene, thank you for a great answer. We are also from Pta East and will be visiting later this month before making our final decision. Where do you live, and where do you suggest we look? We will only have a few days to decide and it may be wothwhile meeting up with someone there if time allows. Since our move is imminent, do you have any suggestions?

Your help is much appreciated!


Hi, we moved here on 30 November and last year and loving it.  Living in the North, struggling to find a house but still very very happy.

Hi Leande,

We moved from Darling in the Western Cape last Wednesday to Tamarin. It's my wife, 3 year old daughter and I and so far we are loving it. The humidity is something to get used to but after the dryness of the Western Cape, it's a welcome change.

So far our daughter is loving it, the calm warm sea water is just her cup of tea. We are busy looking at schools, there is a very nice one right around the corner from us but it's just over four and a half times as expensive as the school she was in back in Darling. We are going to look around a bit more before we commit to anything.

As far as most of the other questions you have, it's a little early for us to say. So far we don't miss SA and a lot of our friends are planning to visit soon, so we possibly wont have much time to miss them  :)

Keep in contact if you like, we'd be happy to chat when you're here about how it's going for us so far.



Hi there,

I have been living in Mauritius from 2007 10 years already. It is a small island but growing. And yes there are alot of things that you will not get but with the amount of SA expats here most of this can probably be found. There are lot English schools which are very good.  The best thing is that you safe. I live in North.

But why moving from South Africa to Mauritius it is that bad?

I love South Africa to be honest. My time is divided as some months in South Africa and some months in Mauritius. I like both places.

So if you need any feedback on Mauritius i will be glad to assist.

Hi,  please why can't we see the response of Charlene Chetty to Leande questions. I would be very interested to see what Charlene Chetty's opinion on living in Mauritius. Is there a reason that I cannot bring up this response?

i'd also like to see it and was wondering the same thing?  Also doing investigations on moving to Mauritius.


I am from South Africa and have been teaching English in Cambodia for 3 years.

I would love to move to Mauritius and I hope someone can give some advice on how to find schools/teaching positions, qualification requirements, etc?

Thank you!

Hi can you tell me the cost to immigrate to Mauritius?

Thanks Kraai.

Good day,

Im also from South Africa. And would like to immigrate to Mauritius. Can anyone assist with living costs, best place to stay etc.
What will be the best to go on a holiday visa for 3 months or what do you think.


Hi everybody I was in Mauritius two weeks ago and saw various clients regarding financial emigration. It was determined that there is a need amongst expats regarding this service and thats why I am planning on holding free information sessions regarding this in the North, West and probably Cyber City. We are planning to come through provisionally mid November. With the proposed change in tax law that will be in place from 1 March 2020 it is important for expats residing in Mauritius to be aware of the possible tax consequences. Please email me at hein[at] if you would like to attend so that I can add your name to the list. Regards Hein

could some body help me PLEASE.... which is the most reasonable (not expensive) area / locality in or around PORT LOUIS for a bachelor. Say a small studio apartment or an independent room + bath + kitchen.... will appreciate your response... thanks

Thanks Hein. Do you have more information? Tracy


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Hi all. Hope you all well. Im looking for some info about moving to Mauritius. Im currently living in Durban. How is the employment there. Im currently a Health and Safety auditor and trainer and is looking for a post in Safety manager.

Hi Everyone

We are already in the process of moving to Mauritius. We are from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Could anyone maybe recommend an immigration company? I would really appreciate the feedback

Hi There

Can you give me more info into which schools you looked at? Cost and their curiculum ect? We have an 5yr old daughter and have to find a school for her next year.

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