Positive mantoux test

Hi and salam everyone,
I am a nurse, currently waiting for my visa to work in ksa makkah. My medical is cleared already, however i had a positive mantoux test reading 14mm, asymptomatic. But my xray shows normal result.

I am so scared if i do medical checkup again once i arrive in ksa, and they will send me back to my country due to my mantoux test result.

Please i need some opinion,
Thank you in advance.

hi! I have the same issue. Is this for SFH Makkah? Did they declare you fit to work? Can you please send me a private message

I am having the same issue.
Can some one share the experience where chest x ray was totally clear and mantoux/ppd test was positive in medical after coming to KSA then what was the medical result.
Please share . Urgent response is highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot

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