Living cost

Hello guys after a month of waiting i finally got the visa thanks god ! My question is 150BD for food is it ok for one month for one person ? Thanks

Depends on your lifestyle really but it should be ok if you don't eat out too much.

Hi, yes its ok for balanced habit. If you eat outside more then its difficult.


I guess it will be fine only if you balance buying food from restaurant and bread 🍞 milk and cheese from supermarket, you can try carrfore supermarket they have variety of snacks and after meals food .
You can try also Arabic food like kabbab and sheash tawook humos and taboolah.

BHD150 per month is more than enough for a single person. As cautioned by the others above, eating out can be expensive, unless you are selective ;)

Look forward to welcoming you to Bahrain.

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