Looking for a job of teaching English grammar in colleges or schools

My name is Michael Matulile. I am from Mwanza city, Tanzania, East Africa. I am a Tanzanian of 32 age.  I am single.

I am looking for a job of teaching English grammar in Philippines, at the schools or colleges. I have about 7 years of teaching experiences in the lower, middle and upper schools, and colleges. I am on both fluently in spoken and written skills. I am competent, intelligent and interested in teaching English grammar. My certificates of English language are from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), defined by the Council of Europe,  in the levels of  1. Upper Intermediate, 2. Intermediate, 3. Beginner, 4.Elementary and 5. Acknowledgements of  English Language Proficiency.

I will do two things:
Wonder where the certificate was bought from
Get a large bag of popcorn to nibble as I watch the thread

Have you ever been to the Philippines?  Can you speak Tagalog or any other Filipino dialects?

There is no such a thing Cancel of Europe, never was, but they do have EU, but when you talking about your Certificates you will have to be clear, where did you get this, you will be better to name some Country you got it from, and I do not mean Internet Certificates, apart from that you will need to have Bachelor of Teaching, with Certificate you will never get job any way, that is kind of lower Qualification. maybe you should try Japan, I know they will accept Certificates for Teaching English.

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