cost of living

HI all,

I am an Indian with 10 years of experience. I have been selected for the position of recruitment manager in one of the resorts in Seychelles. below are my questions please do answer with the nearest possible detail.
1. I have been offered USD 3000/- would it be enough to live in the city with my wife. How about the cost of rental apartments monthly and means of transportation in and around the Seychelles main Island. Buying a car would be advisable? How much does an average second-hand hatchback car would cost?
3. Do expats have any salary deduction on pension, social security or taxes?
4. How about the monthly rent for water and electricity on an average if its a fully furnished apartment.
5. On an average for two people, how much would it cost for a week if the items are bought from Victoria market or any other supermarket?
any more information if i have missed any pls do add your experience with details it would be a lot more helpful

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