Advice on Florianopolis

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping for some information from anyone that lives in Florianopolis.

My partner and I are hoping to move to Brazil for around 6mths - a year and although we aren't 100% decided on a city we both love the look of Floripa.

A bit about us, we met and lived in the French Alps together, and moved back to my hometown of London a year ago. We're both avid travellers, this is the longest period I have been in the UK for six years, and its definitely long enough!

My partner works in IT so the main thing for us when deciding a city is making sure theres solid internet connection for him to be able to work, as we understand this is quite common in Florianopolis? Is there anyone here in the same situation that could give us some more information?

I have worked in childcare for the last ten years and am in the process of completing a tefl certificate. How much work is there for English teachers in the area, especially for children or young people as this would be the area I would prefer. Obviously beggars can't be choosers!

We are both really keen to be able to surf or sup most days, so what would be the best areas to live in for this? And how do they compared in terms of living cost and safety? We would also like to be somewhere lively enough that we can go and have chilled beers after work and that I can go for a dance on the weekend but its highly unlikely we'll be out partying late more than once a month!!

Neither of us speak Portugese and from what i've read that could be an issue, would you advise we attempt to learn before we leave or would we be better off in an English speaking city?

Finally does anyone have any extra tips whilst looking for housing over there? Websites/things to avoid/things to look for etc.

Thanks so much in advance!! I'm sure my partner will have another thousand questions if anyone doesn't mind helping us :)

Hi, Lauren,
Check out BrazilianGringo's website for advice about settling down in Brazil, from the point of view of someone who loves it.  A little dated, but a lot of good info there, presented with wit and humor.
And oh, hell, YES -- you want to learn as much basic conversational  Portuguese as you can before you come.  You don't have to be perfect by any means, but Brazilians love their language and love you for at least trying to speak it.  And, while you may run into English-speaking people in a capital like Florianópolis, it's always best not to count on it.
Good luck!

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