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Guys can you help me please , someone told my wife  that I can't be accepted by the UK government about visa ,
He said that  they'll reject her , because I'm from Morocco and 25  even all the documentsand friends and family they will ignore them and stop me from coming, I didn't read this anywhere .
Can someome please help me .???
Just true information please.

Hi and welcome.

The UK government are restricting all immigration from non-EU countries; the result of which is that it certainly is not easy for a non-EU citizen to enter the UK to live and work.  Unfortunately, the fact that you are married to a UK citizen no longer guarantees you the right to live here and there are lots of stories on here where people in your situation have been denied entry to the UK.

To answer your specific question for "true information", as a non-EU citizen, there are 2 possible legal ways for you to enter the UK to live and work:

Working visa.  This link will take you to the UK Government website which lists the shortage occupations where they will grant work visas.  If you have a skill featured on this list, then you can try and find a job where the employer will pay you over a specific amount and sponsor your visa.  The fact that you have the skill does not entitle you to move to the UK while looking for work; you have to get the job from abroad.

Family visa.  This link will take you to the UK Government website that deals with this.  There are some specific rules which you'll find listed, one of which is a minimum salary that your wife will have to earn before they will permit you to join her here.

Once you've read those links, if you have any further specific questions, then please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Just to add to Cynic very good explanation.

If you do make your way to the United Kingdom without a visa and caught. The authorities will deport you back home. In doing so will harbour any chances of you returning back to the UK even with a tourist visa. This can be anything from 5-year ban to a lifetime ban.

They are being very strict on immigration and as Cynic pointed out even being married does not mean anything now.

I have a friend who is married to a Malaysian lady of 10 years. She faced deportation although he had a very well paid job so could support both of them. After much money being spent on lawyers and an appeal, she was granted to stay. This was just to prove that it was not a sham marriage.

There is no reason at all for you to be refused because you are Moroccan, I have seen quite a few Moroccan spouse visa granted in the last 6 months.
There are very clear guidelines, the financial requirements are black and white, as are the accommodation, the language test requirements and the health tests. You have to make sure you tick every box, don’t miss anything out that’s a mandatory requirement and make sure all financial documents are within the time limit, for example if bank statements have to be within the last 28 days, don’t send them on day 29 or it’s an automatic refusal, simple.
The only area that’s up to the ECO’s discretion is the authenticity of the relationship, but they have to provide a reason for them to be suspicious, for example dates not matching, or discrepancies in statements. Just follow the guidelines to the letter, check, check and check again before you submit and remember, if you make a silly mistake they are not there to give a compassionate allowance to your case because your next door neighbors cat dies the previous day, do you get what I’m saying?
Do your research, over research and make the application water tight, you will not be refused because you are moroccan it’s discrimination and that’s illegal. To refuse they must give a valid reason and almost every refusal case I have seen is due to a mistake on the applicants part or not meeting the criteria. Only a handful in the last two years that have been down to ECO error or the relationship not being believed to be genuine.

Good luck!

Thanks guys you're really nice thanks again à feel really good right now.

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