Required Advise for School

Hello Guys.

I am new in bahrain and want to enroll my 3 years 4 months old son in some school near to Gufool Area.

Can anybody guide me which is better school?

My requirements:
Teaching skills of school teachers shall be excellent.
Study Pattern shall be CBSE
Fees monthly budget: 40 BD to 70 BD
Location: Fantastic if its near to Gufool area. Means i will hire taxi for monthly basis.

Looking for experts reply.

Hi, near to Gafool would be New Millennium School DPS but the fees is high. You may try in Asian School Tubli, its a good school too. Why to hire taxi if they provide bus?


Thank you Ram

Someone advise me to get into The Indian School of Bahrain which is in Riffa.
He also told that this school is very old and having very experienced staff.

Now I am confused in New Millemium DPS, The Indian School & Asian School Tubli.

Can anybody having strong comparasion points?

You might want to look at the Education & Training Quality authority site where they do reports on schools and give them rankings. … fault.aspx

Going to a good school should be more important than going to one nearby.

Good one Xtang. Thank you for sharing link for ETQA report.

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