Travel on visitor visa to find a job

Hello people of holland :)

I just would like to hear some stories from someone who have done "Gamble to survive in foreign country"

Does anybody in here have done entering to netherland on tourist visa and during stay they try to find a jobs? and their initial intention is to migrate but without any valid work visa to enter.

How does you do it and what kind of job you get at first to survive.

I do know some people have a successful story which they get luck but there also unsuccessful story behind it. i would like to hear from everyone who have done and gone through the rough time during their stay and looking for jobs until they get the work permits in any part of europe.

I would like to do something about this but I have no courage to do it, I need some inspire story to have a courage to do things i wanted to do.

I hope to hear from all of you :)

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Many people have done what you're contemplating, but it's actually easier to do it legally.  If you don't have the skills to get a job legally, it doesn't suddenly become easier because you have decided to enter the country illegally.

In fact, life becomes a lot harder if you come to Holland illegally as you can't register at the Town Hall to get your all-important BSN number, without this, you can't:

Register at the doctors
Open a bank account
Apply for any social help/support

If you are caught as an illegal, you will almost certainly be deported, which means you will never be allowed to enter Holland again.

My advice is to work on your skills so that you can come to Holland legally.

If anybody is contemplating offering you illegal advice on the open forum, then you/they should be warned that the posts will be removed.

Expat Team

Evil Kenevil would reconsider twice before making a high risk jump this one you mentioned in your post.

Is it possible to find more details on this subject?

TheRealismail :

.... Cynic
Is it possible to find more details on this subject?

Almost certainly, it only takes a bit of Google skills, but I'm not advocating people do this and certainly not publishing anything on here to help people do it.  As I said, if I see it on here, I will remove it.

It really isn't hard to get to Holland via the legal routes.  I understand that people are desperate to achieve the "better life", but going the black route (as the Dutch call it), isn't the way, it often leads to things being much worse than how they were back home.

Expat Team

I was asking about your references on the illegal immigration

TheRealismail :

I was asking about your references on the illegal immigration

You mean how I know all those things happen?  My answer remains the same - a bit of Google skills and there is a world of information out there.

However, to elaborate, it's because unless you're an EU citizen, or for non-EU citizens, you have the stamp from IND in your passport, you can't register for your BSN number and without BSN, you can't get all those things.  All the relevant information is on the IND website, which you can access in English and Dutch, by following this link.

We sure do appreciate your Google skills 😉

TheRealismail :

We sure do appreciate your Google skills 😉

Plus I've lived in many countries around the world (sometimes working directly with the immigration regulators of these countries) and had to go through the same regulatory hassle that our members do, so I kind of know the keywords I'm looking for. :)

That's exactly the type of knowledge we seek in forums ☺

Understood on the legal and illegal issues that foreigner has to go through.

The reasons why I am asking is, I had seen many people does that and the reasons why I never done the same is because I don't want any hassle bustle at later days.

At most of the time I was just wondering how they do it and how do they get through it. I was impressed by it.

I do planning in getting visa for "looking for jobs" in germany and IF the netherland has the same visa, I would of trying to look for it as well.

Thank you for the advised.

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