English language teacher

Hi all, I am makeshwari from India holding M.A M.Phil and B.Ed in English.
I have been working as a teacher in English for more than years.
Since my husband is working in Singapore, I would like to move.he is in logistics field. I cannot come on dependent visa.
I need to get work visa.
Can anyone suggest me what are the job opportunities available for me?
Can I get it before the end of March?

To work as a teacher, you need an educational university degree recognised by MoE (the Singapore Ministry of Education).
Looking at your post, I would say your English is not good enough to teach in Singapore (where almost everybody is fluent in English). What else can you teach and have a degree for?
For job opportunities, contact MoE or private (international) schools.

Hiring cycles are long in Singapore, and getting a visa takes another 1-3 months. Therefore it is not realistic to come to Singapore in two months if you only start searching now.

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