UAE Immigrations with British Passport

I hope someone knows the answer and are not here to judge, thanks.

There’s a new requirement for Expats who want to apply for a Work visa in UAE. The new requirement is to provide a a good conduct certificate from their origin country or the country they lived in from the last 5 years.

I have a criminal record from years ago, so it will be on the police record in UK. I have a British passport and a Hong Kong permanent ID card.

Question: With UAE immigration, or any countries, will they be able to find out where you lived for the last 5 years? I travelled to UAE last week, then fly back to UK. Will they be able to find out which country I’ve flew to?

Hi - the quick answer is yes.  Governments nowadays routinely share information with other nations government on criminal activity; mainly because it is frequently linked to international terrorism and organised crime.  Airlines will frequently have to supply passenger manifests with immigration departments; if they want to know about you, they can probably find out.

Thanks, Cynic. Your answer is very clear. Looks like no luck for me in Dubai.

Addict, how so? Are you involved in terrorism or money laundering?

No I'm not. I've had was charged for common assault over 10 years ago. That's why I can't start my new job in UAE. The employer know, but UAE government needs a police record from my home country.

Depending what sort of disclosure they require it may not show up on the paperwork, a full disclosure obtained in England WILL show everything, this used to take 40 days to obtain, many uk expats used disclosure Scotland quicker and cheaper and only detailed anything within 5/10 years or very serious crimes petty crimes no
Travel history; wherever you land and your passport disappears for a few seconds when they scan, this goes to a central database and remains on that system for quite some time it is a joint venture to combat terrorism drugs money laundering to name a few

Hi fitness
It is depend kind of criminal record, if you had it for 10 years , i do not think it will be there, because on police record or dbs they just want your 5 years history not 10 years, hope you will be fine by then. Try to apply police check or dbs they you will know do not loose hope.
What kind of job did you you get in Dubai im on job hurting  in dubai if you dont mind you can share with me , how did you get.
Best of luck

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